Episode 20. Fun Things To Do With Kids. Set Up A Lemonade Stand. Sickness.

CAM02968I admire entrepreneurship and want to instill this into my kids. I set up a lemonade stand with my kids and walked them through the whole process of buying supplies, making a sign and setting up the stand. He also had to interact with his customers and it was a real success. Here is my review of what happened.

Episode 12. What do you mean not socialized?

A common argument heard against home schoolers is that they are not socialized. This is largely a misnomer and very far from the truth. Here I address this issue and other amazing facts about homeschooling.

Episode 11. Why I still like Jar Jar and the New Star Wars Movie

I watched the new Star Wars movie a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I highly recommend it for any to watch. Here is my review.

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This is the way the cookie crumbles

My son was recently at the hospital and while he was there he was given the game Cookie Crumble. The game comes in a little tin and is one of those games you see off to the side in the gaming section of most major retail stores. At first glance one is led to think that the game is a card game much like the infamous UNO or memory. But it is a very nice breath of fresh air. The game is very simple, everyone is given a recipe card for a cookie. Then the ingredient cards are spread face down on the table and the objective is to complete your recipe first.


You start by saying,”Ready, Set, Bake!” Every one just starts drawing a card until the recipe is complete. It goes very fast, until someone draws a rotten egg. Once that is drawn the player puts all their ingredient cards back into pile. The other players just go on as normal. It’s a surprisingly fast paced game but there is a certain strategy to it. Also as I play it more I can definitely see other strategy developing. Such as throwing the rotten egg card or ingredients that they don’t need, near you opponent.


So far I have played it a handful of times and have enjoyed it a lot. The game is easy enough for my 4 year old to play and it is definitely challenging enough for an adult. The pace is very rapid and keeps the kids attention. It’s a combination of some skill and luck and the game is easy to learn so basically any one can jump in and play. I would definitely recommend this game for any one.

Don’t you just love sharing the magic of Star Wars with your kids?

20151103_204018We all remember that moment, the moment when those big yellow letters come streaming across the screen and the trumpets come blaring in. I think most of us can name very moment we heard it. 30 years later the magic of Star Wars has not died and continues to live on. This is why I am so excited. In December there is a new Star Wars movie coming out and what makes me even more excited is that I get to share this with my kids. The lights dim and the screen turns black and then the magic begins!

20151103_204008For me, I remember the first time I watched Star Wars, I think I was about 6 and my dad was watching tv down stairs. I came and joined him and he was watching Star Wars A New Hope. I had no idea what exactly what it was but it left an impression on me. I made games about it, I told stories about it and so on. It wasn’t until years later when I was about 11 that I watched it again and again and again. I couldn’t get enough.

20151103_203727So here I am almost 30 years later and I get to share the joy of Star Wars with my kids. I cannot wait to hear the intro and the the big yellow letters scrolling across the screen and seeing their reactions to the screaming lasers, the ominous dark jedi and the wonderful heroes saving the day. Then after the theatre we can talk about it and maybe, just maybe watch the other 6 movies. Its going to be awesome!

Rescue Bots gets a doggie and two new Bots, Awesome!

My kids love Rescue Bots. They watch the episodes over and over. So now with the new season they will be introducing two new Rescue Bots, Blurr and Salvage and this Cybertronian Dog, Servo. I am sure my kids are going to flip when they see these new characters.

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I got gadgets and gizmos aplenty (How Ariel is a hoarder)

The_Little_MermaidAfter watching The Little Mermaid, I realized something. Ariel is a hoarder. I say this because I have watched the show hoarders in so many ways she resembles some of the people that are on that show. She has an obsession with collecting things, she’s obsessed with somebody who’s from that world and her obsession has completely taken over her life. When threatened by her father, who destroys the things that are within her cavern, she runs off and makes agreement was Ursula in order to get to the world were all that stuff actually is.

Now I’m not saying that she’s crazy. But she is completely and utterly obsessed with human stuff. She abandons her family and ditches their performance to be with her stuff. Also, Ariel doesn’t seem to have a lot of friends. In fact she places herself and her friends in a lot of danger when she goes hunting for human things. Just look at the scene where she goes to the shipwreck and the shark goes after, flounder always gets eaten alive. This has likely happened before and there for people (merfolk) don’t want to be around her any more.

Comikaze_Expo_2011_-_Ariel_and_Flounder_from_the_Little_Mermaid_(6324629917)Now I know most people probably don’t see it this way and it wasn’t until I watched it as a grown up that I realized that there was just something really really off about this movie. This doesn’t mean that I don’t recommend the movie, it just means that there is a lot more there and there are much deeper issues than just some girl trying to find a boy to get married to. Ariel abandons her entire family in order to be with a guy. A human trinket that she’s looking for. She does this at her own peril when she visits Ursula. Ariel even sees what happens to the people that do not fulfill their contract with Ursula. Yet she still continues on and goes ahead and does it anyways. This shows a complete and utter disregard and a massive selfishness, which ends up with her father being turned into one of those little critters on the ground. Yes, everything turns out okay, but still. As I said already this is still a good movie, but the last time you watched it you likely were a kid.

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