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In defense of low information voters and sheeple

First of let me start of by saying that I absolutely cannot stand these two terms. They are very demeaning and insulting and will shut down any one who may possibly be listening to you. This is probably not a good thing ‘cause you seem to be a person with lots of opinions. So here goes, people have been making a big deal out of Miley Cyrus (formerly known as Hannah Montana) and her twerking at the Video Music Awards. Statements like “moral decay” and “look what the world is coming too are being said.” Yes it was a pretty horrific sight and I would hate for my kids to view this, however it should be looked at in a broader context. This context is, if this is the biggest thing we are worrying about then life in general is not so bad.


In our general electorate about 50 percent of the populace votes and many years it is lower then that. 50 percent were for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq the 50 against it. Most people live their lives, they go to work, they eat sleep and watch tv. Some read books some don’t. Some perform plays some don’t. The point is that people just want to be left alone. They don’t want to think about international politics and the latest government what ever is going on. These things add more stress to their daily lives, especially that they cannot change any of it. Many would say that this is being sheeple or LIV’s but I would argue that it is more apathy and not caring then that.


It has been stated that the founding fathers and the people who lived then were much higher educated and aware of what was going on around them then today. True this might have been so, however it is also very well possible that these people just wanted to stay home and eat and sleep and watch tv. Many people at that time were loyalists. It wasn’t until an actual rebellion had started and peoples lives were being affected by the war that more people started jumping in to fight and support the rebellion. (The American colonists saw the king for what he really was, a power that didn’t care about them). So would have they revolted if it wasn’t for them being inconvenienced otherwise…probably not.


It is the same today, people don’t change. Americans have much more information today then they did before. They are much more aware of world events and government policies and how they affect them day today. But as the people in the past have always done they go about their daily lives and just want people to leave them alone. So instead of calling people sheeple and LIV’s and making a big deal out of why they are upset about Hannah Montana realize that they are just being people who haven’t changed in thousands of years.


Being a better dad

Crash!!! The Lego play set hits the floor and explodes into a million pieces. DAD…brother is knocking things of the table! Can you tell him to stop it? That is how much of my day sounds. The kids are off destroying something again and not playing nicely with one another. This starts at 6 in the morning and doesn’t stop till they go to bed at 8 in the evening. Dad this dad that. But I have to say that I love it. There are mornings when I am dead tired and just want to go back to sleep but being with my kids is like nothing else.

In the morning I am greeted with a big smile from my daughter who gets super excited that I am going to pick her up and play with her. Then I walk into the living room and my kids are generally watching some kind of tv show that has super heroes in it. My kids know all about Superman, Green Lantern and other such heroes. They then greet me and want to hug up on me when I sit on the couch. After a little while of waking up, I go and make breakfast and have my kids help me with making it. Son 2 gets eggs all over his hands laughs about it. He tries to climb up to the sink to wash his hands. Finally they are begging for bacon and eggs to be served. They go sit at the table and play with their legos while they are eating their bacon and eggs. They tell me about latest adventure they are playing with their Lego people.

Who has ever heard the statement,”what is sticking out of my mouth? It’s my tongue.” It is really random the stuff that they say and it really will surprise you.

After eating breakfast we do all kinds of things from going to the mall, out for a walk, read books, go to the beach or the local water park. Each of these things is super exciting for them and they tell me all about how great it is. After playing like this they generally take a nap and after a couple of hours they get up again to go play and go outside.

What gets me is how excited they are to do all the things that they do. They  are just little sponges to new events and experiences. They learn new things all the time and they just do it so quickly. They have learned to walk and talk and inter act with you. It is an honor to be there with them during this entire experience. Some days you never want it to end. I look forward to being there in the future and see how they grow both physically and mentally into strong independent adults. I want to teach them all new skills from shooting guns, to hunting, to taking care of a car and just practical stuff around the house. This is what gives me great enjoyment and what drives me to be a better dad for them.Image

optional items to invest in: SIlver (2)

There many alternatives to invest besides the volatile stock market. I am a very big fan of silver. The coins are beautiful and are worth collecting. Silver is a precious metal and has been consistently used as a way of preserving wealth. People have historically bought silver ware and held onto it to pass their wealth (death tax free) onto the next generation. Silver tends to go up and down in value according to the inflation of the currency being used. When the government starts to inflate their money supply the value of silver starts going up, but if there is deflation it starts going down. This means that when times are good, which is generally when there is low inflation then you can buy lots of silver to use as a hedge against the upcoming inflation when the government starts pumping money to pay for their obligations.

Also many of the silver coins are collectibles this means that they don’t just hold an intrinsic value they also hold a collectors value. Generally the value of the silver is higher than the collectors value but this could change over time. This is one of the alternatives that one could invest in before looking at the stock market. Even though I am saying this realize that I am not a professional investor and these are my musings on alternatives to the status quo.


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On why to have children

I guess this is a rather controversial topic, but I will address it. This is the subject of having children. According to recent polls Americans are not having children and I would say this is a shame. The reason why this is a shame is that these people are really missing out on a wonderful experience. Now I do understand not having children because it is a great challenge and it does cost money and takes up a lot of time. However it is totally worth it in the end. Here is why I think everyone should have kids.
First of before I go into this I would advise that anyone who wants to have kids should be married to a person they totally adore and can see being with for the rest of their lives. Also this person should also be onboard with having kids. These two steps would go a long way to taking care of children. But here goes. Children are awesome. They wake up with big smiles on their faces and want you to do everything with them. In fact they are kind of like built in friends for you. Maybe I should not say friends, maybe I should say companions cause in many ways they are. They know when you are sad or happy and they want to be there for you. Just think about it, who do you talk to most? Your parents or friends. Probably your parents.
They are also worth a massive tax deduction and you even get money for having them from the government. This means that the government essentially is paying you to have children. It goes up by about 3000 dollars a child. While this may not be enough to live of off, it is an incentive to have children. (we can discuss the transfer of wealth from one to another at another time). Also many other government benefits are contingent on the number of children you have. I would imagine that the government would incentivize having of children, especially seeing that they will be future soldiers and tax payers.
Finally one of the strongest arguments for having children essentially boils down to your retirement. I understand most people expect to live into their 80’s and use Social Security to retire and eventually they will be stuck in a retirement home. Well we don’t know what the future will hold and it is very likely that all the governmental promises will not pay out (figuring that ss ran out of money for the first time in 2012 and the baby boomers have just started retiring). Therefore, who will you rely on to take care of you when you retire? It will be your family. So all of these people who don’t have children will have a hard time having anyone take care of them, especially the ones that don’t have any money to pay for their retirement.
While having children is down played in most western societies and fueled by the fear of overpopulation. The individual has to make a decision for themselves on how they will face the future. They can make a ton of money and hope for the best. This is, versus having children that do cost a fair amount of money. However they are a blast to have around and there is no replacement for the hugs they give you and when they say they love you. They will also take care of you when you are old. Lastly I will leave you with this: I have never heard anyone say they regretted having a child, most people regret not having more.

Americans not having children:,9171,2148636,00.htm


More on credit cards

I will keep this short and to the point. Credit card use, similar to people who are on a diet, needs to be done in moderation. Credit cards are not bad or good, it is all in how you use them. Many people automatically jump to the conclusion that they are bad because so many people have issues with credit card debt. Is that because credit cards are bad? No, people don’t have restraint when using them. If they maintained a healthy balance they wouldn’t be in debt with credit cards.


When looking at your personnal finances and accumulating wealth, credit cards can have a place. However credit cards do not equal wealth. Credit cards can help when in a pinch but you have to be able to pay it off right away. Unfortunately this is what most people do not do and instead go down the road of perpetual debt. The real place they have is in some of the rewards that they offer, which can be points, air mail or cash back. The best of these is likely cash back because it reduces your monthly expenditures. There are some ways to really ramp this up and I am sure there are good articles out there that can help you down that road. However I have never done this.

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Your children will love home schooling (episode 2)

When you have children there are many questions that you will be faced with. Some of them are, how do we pay for this? What was I thinking? Will he grow up to be a criminal? And the list goes on. Well one of the most important issues is going to be what kind of education will this child receive? There are a number of options out there, Public school, private school and home school. Each one of these has multiple subcategories that need to be explored. With the public school question you have to look at the area you live in and how good they are, not all public schools are the same which definitely goes for private schools too. The third option is homeschooling which is the direction that my wife and I are heading.

Why homeschooling you ask? My wife and I were both homeschooled (I also went to public and private school) which opened us to doing it for our children. My job requires me to move every so many years and I need my children’s education to remain stream lined. It is not very expensive to teach your children yourself. Studies show that homeschooled children do a better job then public schooled children and also fare better in college too. Homeschooled children play more sports and do more extra curricular activities then traditionally schooled children, this is according to HSLDA.

While every one has to make a decision about their children’s education, looking into homeschooling is a very wise move. I know that many people will throw out the old “But your child will not be socialized”. Well I am not sure what this question means. Since most children will be just like you and you are probably not a hermit then I think you have little to fear. Furthermore there have been many studies that show that homeschooled children are in fact very well adjusted. (Source) My wife is a really god example, she was homeschooled her entire life and no one would ever guess she was.

There are plusses and minuses to all forms of education and there isn’t a wrong or right way to go about it. But this the direction that my wife and I are headed.

Which direction are you headed?