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I am always looking for ways to save money and or get free things. So I have compiled a list of links that provide this. This may help especially since most of us over spend on Christmas.

First I use SWAGBUCKS as my search engine and tool bar. It uses a combination of Google and Bing search results. When you conduct searches and answer poll questions you get Swag bucks which can be used to buy items such as Amazon and Walmart gift cards.

E How 15 things for free. In this line up of items there many items that are free.

There are a bunch of sweepstakes that one can enter for free and all other kid of free things that one can apply for.

Lastly, here is another guide to obtaining free items

Hopefully this will help with relieving some of the financial strain of you this year.

Coming of age rituals

One of the many reasons why young men join the military is probably because there are very few coming of  age rituals. Looking around the US there are very cultures that have active coming of age rituals. The biggest group that stands out would be the Jewish tradition of Bar (Bat) Mitzvah. I am sure there are other groups out there but this tradition stands out to me. This tradition is one where a young man is accepted as a man within the Jewish community. His opinion means something and also the other Jews give him presents that will help him reach his goals. In most of the rest of the US society we do not really have such traditions. One could argue that graduation from High School is one such tradition and it is an achievement but it is not one that is a coming of age. Why is it that the rest of  society does not have these type of traditions. Also would it help to have these kind of traditions?

Being a teenager or in your early twenties in many ways is a weird place to be. You are not an adult in the sense that you are treated as one, however you are also not a child. As an 18 year old you can get married, enter into legal contracts and the list goes on. However if you are in college you are still treated as a child. If one joins the military you can also have the opportunity to carry a fully automatic weapon or operate very heavy weaponry and million dollar computer systems. But yet if you step out of that role you are still stuck in between a boy and a man. This is where a coming of age ritual could make a big difference with young adults and help them mature quicker.

There are more institutions that actually have these kind of traditions, one of them being the order of the arrow with the boy scouts and becoming a communicate member of a church. (they are not the same) Each of these positions give standing and status to a young person in which they have responsibilities and privileges. It also allows a young person to fit in with a society of like minded individuals and possible mentors that can guide them into adulthood. What kind of coming of age rituals do you think are prevalent in our society and do you think that they can make a difference in a young persons life?

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How to build the Batmobile (out of a card board box)

How to build a Batmobile


Get a big card board box and cut out the front.



Color the box blue or black with marker or crayon then cut out wings for the side of the box.                                                 


                                    Draw up a dashboard and tape to front of the box.                                                                                                 ImageImage

Draw bat sign and post to the front of the box


Add steering wheel or yoke


And enjoy the new Batmobile









27 children and counting

So there I am waiting on my dental appointment and I am watching whatever the latest Court tv program is. I don’t really follow any of these shows but do find them fascinating especially that this is not criminal court, but civil court which I am a big fan of. Not to deviate any further, I am watching a case where a 25 year old female wants to divorce her 39 year old husband. Apparently they have a 5 year old son together but they also have not been living together for the last 5 years either. They just hadn’t finalized the divorce. So they talk about their relationship and it turns out they met when she was 19 and he helped take care of her 5 year old son who had MS. Now I was a little bit amazed at this revelation, however then the real revelation came out, this man had 27 children.

Now in most circles I imagine this would be seen as a massive disgrace but this man was proud of having that many children. In fact he had children with similar ages. Judging from the rest of the case his job was full time dad. As I am watching this unfold I am thinking to myself and we don’t allow polygamy? How is polygamy any worse then this? It would allow this man to consolidate all of his children and their mothers which would help reduce costs and expenditure. Also it would put a father into the picture for these kids which could be a positive thing. I have watched sister wives and see a family (ies?) that are well adjusted and caring and a dad that is involved. This is in sharp contrast to the man on court tv.

The issue of marriage and who is allowed to be married keeps coming up. But looking at the history of much of marriage it has historically fallen into 3 categories. State (justice of the peace), church (religious institution) and what is known as common law marriage. However in many parts of history the second two are over written by the state. In the US, many of the marriage laws were from the Jim Crow which included a ban same sex marriage. However now that we have moved past that era should these laws be revisited? Looking at the court case about the man with 27 kids we may want too.

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Why minimum wage hikes are too goo to be true

Why minimum wage hikes are too goo to be true

To tie back into an earlier post about the minimum wage. Reason magazine posted a good article on why minimum wage wouldn’t work and how it would be very destructive.

A country without civic organizations

A country is a place with boundaries around it. These boundaries are put there by the people that dwell there. They state that this geographic area is their country and no one can contest that. The people that live within this area are a culture or a society. Generally this is summed up as a people who share a common language, customs, traditions and history. In the United States we also share many of these traditions however a couple of big aspects have fallen away these are known as civic institutions. These civic institutions are known as the church, fraternal organizations and other common meeting places i.e. Elk Club or Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

 Historically many of these organizations helped solidify communities. It was a common area where people from different places (geographically and societally) could meet and discuss issues. Today this is not the case any more. People largely don’t meet in public to discuss issues. They do on the other meet online and yell at each other. These organizations were traditionally places were young men could meet more affluent people and rise up in society or be able find employment. Much of the reason why the Revolutionary war was able to take of as fast as it did was due to Fraternities. Also let’s not forget that much of the Great Depressions effects were blunted due to churches, fraternities and civic organizations.

 There are many reasons why these types of organizations are a huge benefit and without them we are severely lacking as a society. I will show you why, first of in the past fraternities helped their members out with jobs and obtaining health insurance. It allowed like minded people to pool their money for some of the services they needed i.e. insurance, jobs, retirement and even funeral services.

 Another example of people coming together is Ivy league universities. Why do rich people send their kids to these schools? It’s not because their education is so outstanding because there are other better Universities out there. But it is to meet other like minded people that will help their future careers. It is why various rich families are members of fraternities in particular Skull and Bones which doesn’t focus on your needs here and now but asks what you want to do with your life and helps you get there.

 These types of organizations are vital to a society. It allows people to help each other out by pooling resources, talk politically, move up in society and settle issues civically without the use of the court system. In the long run this would stimulate people meeting one another and developing a community. The further we drift away from this the more the discourse becomes divisive and turns resentful. Meeting in places like churches, fraternities and other civic organizations would bring people together and hopefully help society as a whole be more cohesive and mutually beneficial.

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Why I am libertarian by Amanda Carey Elliott

It’s easy, with questions like this, to get caught up in complexities and talk about economic systems, political theories and quote Hayek, Mises, and Friedman while passing out copies of Atlas Shrugged and chanting “End the Fed!”. It’s easy to make things complicated. But I find that keeping things simple is best, so in one sentence, the reason I am libertarian and not conservative, liberal, socialist or fascist, is this:


See? Simple.

Except we live in a world that makes it impossible for IT to be so simple.

When Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that all men are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” I believe that he was making one very important point. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness pre-exists any government institution, entity or official. Regardless of governments or laws, those rights, and the freedom to pursue them, exists in nature, indefinitely, and without restrictions.

But while most people stop reading the Declaration after that one sentence, thankfully for us, Jefferson continued: “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…”

I am also a Libertarian because I believe governments are necessary to protect our rights. Nothing more, and nothing less. That means no government should have the authority or power to encroach on our rights, as our own federal government is wont to do. Indeed, a government solely concerned with protecting rights is the only way for freedom to flourish. Lest we forget: rights preclude governments. The freedom to pursue happiness, for example, is rooted not in a government document, but in nature (i.e. endowed by our Creator).

Both the Republican Party and the Democrat Party are guilty of sanctioning government policies that violate this simple purpose.

When Democrats talk about the right of all Americans to have access to affordable health care, what they’re really saying is that the government should summon its authority to force upon me (and you) the obligation of paying for our neighbor’s medicine. Whether we want to or not.

When Republicans talk about the need to use military intervention during periods of unrest around the world, what they’re really saying is the government should take my (and your) money and send our friends and family into harm’s way for the sake of spreading an idea or showing might with no rhyme or reason or objective.

When Democrats talk about income disparity and reducing poverty, most of the time what they’re really saying is that the government should take money from those who are working hard to become prosperous, and give it to the underprivileged. Side note: To whoever says this “plan” does not just perpetuate a cycle of poverty, the New York Times just reported that except for Romania, the U.S. has the highest child poverty rate of any developed nation in the world.

When Republicans talk about the need to adopt a constitutional amendment that bans gay marriage, what they’re really saying is that they like limited government except when it comes to how two people on the other side of the country want to live their lives. But of course, saying “I have a right to health care” is so much worse than saying “I have the right to live in a society free of people I believe to have deviant lifestyles” (note: that’s sarcasm).

Inevitably, I feel it necessary to mention that my detractors would point out that while my theory is all fine and good, it’s not applicable in the Real World. “What’s your Libertarian solution to closing the income gap?” someone might ask. Or, “How would a Libertarian address this ridiculous system we have called ‘health insurance’”? I could go into all that, but doing so would take many more blog posts and frankly, detracts from the question at hand:

Why am I a Libertarian?

What I’m getting at here, less eloquently than I would have liked, is that there must be an objective standard by which governments operate that is not subject to the whims and wishes of men. Otherwise, freedom suffers.

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Do you small business?

One of the things that always strikes me is how many people that are wealthy started their business. If you look at the stats on people who are millionaires it is very obvious that they share a couple of things. ( These are things such as having a wife that is either a teacher or stays home, they start their own business, they have an MBA and degrees in engineering the jobs are also “boring” jobs such as contracting and manual labor. These facts should be very encouraging to most people that it is possible to become a millionaire. However the real challenge is gaining the courage to start a business like this. Most people would ask themselves what kind of services can I offer that would help others? The answer is a bit more complicated. However there is an answer to this question and a lot of times it is much more in front of your face then you realize.

The inspiration for this article came from an article I read: It made me think that if kids can do a small business then as an adult it should very be possible. What my initial start was this blog, how consistent could I stay with it. For me I have produced one article per day for the last 5 months. However it is my intention to branch out and eventually produce some real videos that will be of a much higher quality then I am producing right now. The other two things I sell are items on craigslist and Beef Jerky Direct ( Basically, I post items that I either don’t use any more at the house and the other one is items I find at the local Good Will or Salvation Army. This has proven to work a little bit, I am in negotiations with selling my computer monitor and a copy of Call of Duty. So I may not produce anything I do instead provide a service and find things that people may want and put it out to a wider audience then just the local second hand store.

My wife however produces items of value, she has an Etsy store with various items on them ( These items are nursing covers and aprons. It might be a small thing, but people like to buy hand made, made in the US products that are good quality. She also sells Doterra oils and Lila Rose Hair Clips ( These are two amazing products that sell quite well. What amazes me is that my wife has such a knack for selling items, she talks with people and the next thing you know they are buying something from her. I imagine much of this comes from her ability to speak with conviction. She also does a lot of research on products before endorsing anything. If she doesn’t believe in it she would not be selling it.

In looking at the way the economy is going and the inability of the US to exit out of this recession it is very likely that more and more people are going to turn to more informal and local economies. People will want to buy more products from one another and also products that are good quality. It is a great way to earn some extra money and also get out and meet people that you might never have met before. I hope that this article inspires you to look possibly start a small business and start selling items to people you know.

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