Should Jason watch your kids?

The Walking Dead is a really great show, in fact just about any zombie movie sounds good to me. There are really terrible ones out there though. My wife on the other hand really doesn’t like horror or anything gory. Understandable, however violence and the like doesn’t really bother me. But you know who is really bothered by horror and violence? Children. My kids don’t get to watch violent or horror movies. Not even movies like Star Wars or James Bond which are somewhat innocuous. Why you ask, well I don’t think that this stuff is good for a childs development.

I watch TMNT with my 2 and 5 year old and I thought it was rather a cute show. However it soon struck me or better put my son struck me pretending to be a Ninja Turtle. My 2 year old and my five year old would be beating me if they had the chance. So there goes that tv show. What this event taught me was that Tv has a profound effect on children, especially young children. This sealed it for me, no more violence or horror.

Other parents have told me that they let their kids watch violence and horror, however it really makes me wonder why? The Walking Dead is a good show, however there really isn’t anything educational or profound about it. (neither is most horror) Kids don’t really get the plot nor do they learn the lessons from it. There are plenty of other grown up shows that they could watch that would be better for them, such as Doctor Who or Start Trek. Both of these use excellent language and have stories kids can follow. As a parent I would quickly begin to wonder how I was affecting my kids mind and psyche for the rest of their lives. Would they become violent or would I jade them, would they have a morbid fantasy for the rest of their life.

I don’t know what exactly the effects would be of letting kids watch these shows however everything I have read about letting kids watch tv below 2 and violence makes me err on the cautionary side. What do you think, should kids be allowed to watch horror at a young age?

How the rich stay rich

Many people think that the rich are just born that way and yes there are people out there that are born into riches. However this is actually not true, most millionaires in the US are not born into riches they actually earn it. So this is leads us to an interesting question how do rich people stay rich. Well this is generally tougher to answer then it would seem.

 Rich people work hard for their money, other wise they wouldn’t get there. Mitt Romney, Warren Buffett and Donald Trump didn’t get their by lying in bed and clicking on the internet. They worked over time and expended much energy to get there. They also missed a lot of special days with their families to achieve it.

 Their attitudes were such that they didn’t go out and buy the latest knick knack or expect to be treated like something special. This is a waste of money and will only land you deeper in debt. Unless something enhances your income don’t buy it. Especially when you are young, you really don’t need a lot to get buy. I phones, high end cars, the latest in computers and clothes are a great way to burn through cash. Personally, I threw away thousand by the fact that I smoked At 1 pack every 2 days for almost 10 years which cost about 3 dollars a pack you are looking at me wasting 5400 dollars. Could you imagine what else I could have done with that money?

 The biggest reason I see how the rich stay rich is by not spending recklessly, working hard and buying quality products. If one buys a low end product it may cost less initially. However lets say you have to replace it every 2 years then it would be better to buy the thing that lasted 10 years but cost a little more. Hopefully this advice will help you become rich like Warren Buffett one day.

Who didn’t clean the coffee maker?

One of the things that always bothers me is that people don’t seem to care about things that don’t belong to them. How many times have you dinged another persons car with your door and just walked away? How many times have you dripped coffee or food at your work and walked away thinking someone else will take care of this. The list just goes on and on of circumstances where people damage or scuff something that doesn’t belong to them and they just walk away. Now these are just small examples of a much larger problem known as the tragedy of the commons.

 On a much larger scale we can look at people dumping their trash along the high way, it doesn’t belong to them so why should they care whether they keep it clean or not. Eventually the high way is cleaned by someone and it looks good again. People who rent a car or a house will frequently abuse the item and then return it to the owner. One of the worst ones is when public land is destroyed by the general public. You can see this with public lands where over grazing occurs or even chemicals can get dumped. The land doesn’t really belong to any one person so why should anyone really care to treat it with respect. It would probably make sense to abuse the land and maximize profit then really take care of it.

 In contrast when something belongs to you, you want to take care of it and protect it from harm because you want it to last. People do regular tune ups to their car and will wash and wax it so that it stays around for a long time. This is the same for a house. A tree logger will cut down only so many trees as he needs and then will replant the area so that he has more trees to cut the next years. Farmers will take care of their land if they have to use it for the long term. A factory will not dump chemicals, if the land belongs to them and they have to stay there. The factory, would want to sell the land eventually and make some money of of it.

 These are all real scenarios that I am talking about. When you own something you want it to be worth something and stay with you for a long time. It is the best solution to what is known as the tragedy of the commons. Privatization gives people ownership and responsibility for their property. It would force them to be accountable for the way they treat their land and how others behave on it. If noone owns the land or item then the item can get abused with out any real consequences.


A bag of Doritos a day keeps the doctor away part 3

In the previous articles that were part of this series I wrote about healthy foods and how my wife and I saw first hand the massive effects that soda and junk food had on our son. This led us down a road to allow some junk food but also focus on healthy eating. However I am fairly confident that most people don’t eat the way that my wife and I eat. But I would encourage anyone with young children to try this, the reason for this is that it will help with your childs temperament and lets not forget overall health. There are reports out there of children with diabetes as young as eight and not just that many kids have cavities and are over weight. I am not saying that this will happen to your children however it can happen.

Now I know that you may ask yourself what do you mean by healthy eating? I feed my children healthy foods. Sure many parents do, however this is what my wife and I do for our kids. First of we limit the amount soda or juice they get through the year. Not only is it high in sugar and caffeine which affects moods but also many of the ingredients in sodas are shown to cause cancer and tooth decay. Also many of the ingredients in candy and snacks are names that you can’t pronounce or have numbers with them. Should ingredients have numbers next to them? I don’t really think so. But regardless it has been shown that these chemicals can cause temporary issues in children, such emotional outbursts and anger. So while my kids do eat candy (especially around the holidays) the rest of the year it is largely a treat. (which can be used for bribery too, lol)

 So, candy, sodas, snacks and juices are largely out. Well what does that leave us? Regular foods, my wife and I feed our children some cereals and the ever popular bacon and eggs. For growing children bacon and eggs are really good because they provide lots of protein to grow on. Also the high protein keeps them full for a long time. Cereals on the other hand gives them a rush of energy (especially high sugar ones such as the ones they like the most). For lunch we do breads with peanut butter and jelly and then dinner we give them vegetables and meat. I know this is tough cause many kids will balk at this. However I have two kids that are picky eaters, but we stick it out with them and kept telling them to eat the food. It took almost a year for this to get through their little brains but now they eat almost anything. So it can be done.

 I write this because of my experience with other children who only eat sweets and or bacon. I see that many of them are over weight or look slightly malnourished. I worry that these children will end up with life long illnesses and diabetes. I hope these tips help in providing nutritious food for your kids.  

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Break the Cycle (becoming an adult)

We have likely all been there, it’s been years since you lived with your parents and yet when you visit them you fall back into regular patterns as though you never left. Even things that haven’t bothered you for you years now can drive you crazy and things don’t change. While with your parents many things are over looked and forgivable it isn’t always the same with your siblings. Even though they may be married, have kids and successful careers there are things that still make people fly into a fit of rage or hurt feelings. How does one address this? How do you change the perception of each especially when overall things have changed pretty dramatically.

This issue isn’t just relegated to young adults who live with one another. It can also be much older siblings who have not seen eye to eye for many, many years. Old patterns form very quickly when the parties get back together. One of those issues that I have noticed in dealing with siblings that there is a certain amount of competition.  You start comparing achievements against each other. Even when their lives have taken different turns. I have a successful career, two degrees, a wonderful wife and 3 awesome kids. When I look at my siblings they have successful careers and degrees and are married to wonderful people to me those are great achievements. I am very proud of what each one has done, if I could write like my sister I would probably have a blog with a million readers.

But achievements and lives are compared to one another and the next thing you know people are arguing about things and complaining about underlying motives. No, just cause something is said does not meant that there is some kind of underlying motive behind it. This is one issue that I perceive in many families. This can be overcome by talking about it and bringing it into the light. Accepting past mistakes and talking about what happened can lead to a reconciling that may not be possible otherwise. Another benefit of  being happy for others and their achievements helps a lot in not getting frustrated with family members. Yes it can be frustrating to see people do better then you but you will likely get there one day too. You can also learn from them and strive to be like them and how they achieved their goals.

How do you reconcile issues within your family?

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