Peter Schiff podcast week 4

This is peter schiff show week 4 podcast.

This is another exciting podcast by mr Peter Schiff. The subjects this week are largely the market and how things have gone in the third quarter of 2014. Things have gotten slightly better. However he still states that there are still alot of issues that will happen in the next quarter. He also addresses the sales of the new I phone and the controversy about the bendiness off it. Enjoy this great talk.

Diply: 30 Parent Hacks

I ran across this article, Parent hacks for life traps: 30 brilliant ideas that every parent should know, on Diply. It is rather funny cause these are things you never really think about until  you have kids. Some of them are definitely things you should do, especially those temporary tattoos one. Other ones, such as the baby floor sweeper suit not so much. Enjoy.

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I was contacted by and requested to write an article on the subject of college and alternative education. Here is the link that article.

Recently I was asked to respond to an article on the website The article was on the subject of college and if it is still worth going too. Here is the link to the original article and about half way down is the link to my article.

To college or not to college by David Dunn (Founder of Webucator)

Debt and savings: The envelope system

My discussion on the subject of the envelope system and links for how i got out of debt.

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You must have a plan. (Digging your way out of debt part 3.)

My original post on the Envelope system.

Money, money, money…What is it?

This is a discussion on what is money.


Money, what is it?

There are always questions about what money is what it is not. Unfortunately much of the discussion about money puts it into some kind of fairy tale or mythical illusion. Green backs take on some kind of unicorn type feel to them. As though the dollar itself has some kind of power to it. Dollars are essentially just a value of something, they are a commodity that people work for. I exchange my labor and time for to earn dollars and then I can use that money to buy something else. But that wont entirely answer the question of money.

If I work for you for an hour mowing your lawn what should I be paid for that? I could do it for free. I could do it for 10 dollars. I could do it for a six pack? I could do it for a pizza…or maybe a car? There isn’t an established value on what my work it worth. So what does that have to do with money. All of the things listed that I can get paid for my labor is money. It is a commodity that is paid for what I did. If I really wanted to make it more complicated what would the value be of my labor if someone gave me a car for mowing a lawn?

We exchange pieces of papers for things that we want. But it is still a commodity no different then getting a chicken for an hour of work. But in the US you are required to get paid in dollars. But in Euros in Europe? I could work for other things too, some people wouldn’t mind getting paid in Bitcoins or a brand new car. Humans simplified the payment of services, so no more bartering. Instead we assign numerical values to services and products. This is what is known as money.

If you want to know more about money and what characteristics have been traditionally held for money you can learn more about it here:

What if peace could be attained by playing the piano?

While in New Orleans…

When I was in New Orleans there were a lot of street performers there. It was a real mix of some awful stuff and some really amazing stuff. One of the men that performed played the song sitting on the edge of the dock and I will be honest, you finally understand where that song was written. New Orleans really is the big easy, the atmosphere is relaxed and there is a very lazy feel about the place. I sat around at the edge of the Mississippi drinking coffee and watching the tide roll in. In the future I would love to return at some point.

The reason I am telling you this is because I was looking through these photos: It is a series of photos about the human experience. It is an amazing contrast of violence and sadness vs happiness and joy. I don’t think anyone can look out those photos without feeling some kind of emotion. One of the photos about half way down shows a rioter playing the piano and it reminded me of one of the street performers I met in New Orleans. He was a young man who played piano on a mobile piano. The piano was attached to a bike.

Me and another guy struck up a conversation with the man. We tlaked about what he played and how he had gotten started. Apparently he has been doing this for years and has been all over the world. He was an amazing player and was traveling all over the US in order raise money for his travels over seas. Apparently his real passion after playing the piano is to place himself in areas that are struck by conflict. He had been to Sudan and had placed himself there between some of the troops and the local population in order to get them to stop fighting. I think he also said he had been to Afghanistan but I didn’t entirely catch it. Regardless of which it is still amazing to think that someone would want to place themselves in harms way in order to establish some kind of peace.

It really did affect me profoundly to think that there are really people out there who would do this kind of action. The man said he had been shot at before but would gladly do it again in order stop violence. I would hope that there would be more people who would willing to do this kind of thing in order stop violence from happening. Its one person who is playing a piano that can make a difference.

(I have not been able to locate the individual online)

The price of insurance

The importance of insurance

Humans tend to be risk averse because they don’t like to lose or get hurt. Sure there are plenty of gamblers and risk takers out there. But if you were ask the average adult who is over 35 they would probably say that they would take safety over risk, unless ofcourse the risk was minimized. Life in itself is a pretty big gamble over all. Look at the decisions that we make in our daily life, we gamble that our college education will land us a good job. We gamble that we will make it safely to work. I could go on and on with this list. However many of these risks are basically things that we can live with.

This brings us to the subject of insurance and what is insurance. Why do you buy insurance…do you really need it? According to various financial counseling courses I have gone too, one of the financial foundations is having adequate insurance. This generally includes having renters, automobile, umbrella property, life and health insurance. Because life a pretty big gamble these are ways to mitigate the risks that you take on a regular basis. I mean if your car gets crashed into you want to some way to be able to pay for it wouldn’t you or if you got sick then you should be able to pay for it? Do you know now much it costs to pay for these things by yourself?

This is what insurance is set up for, you essentially pool your money with lots of other people in the hopes that you will never have to use it. The insurance company then takes that money and invests it in other programs and hopes that they don’t have to pay out and that they can make money of of their investments. Insurance companies take a pretty big risk themselves in insuring you. If you are 18 years old with a 67 Mustang they will charge a lot of money to insure you cause the likely hood that you wil crash that car and/or into something else is pretty significant. However if you are in your 40s with children and drive a minivan your insurance will likely go down cause you probably don’t want to have to pay for a new minivan and wouldn’t want to injure yourself or your kids.

When looking at your current situation you are in one of the big questions to ask yourself is how do I hedge against the future. This is where insurance can play a big role so when you are hurt or your property is damaged you don’ t have to lose massive amounts of money and or time in order to remain financially strong.

Just cause I question it (doesn’t mean I am against it)

Just because you question something doesn’t mean one is against it. There are many times when things are questioned however that doesn’t that some one is of the opposite opiniom.

Humans are political by nature and like being involved in other peoples lives. People like discussing issues with one another and the internet has done an amazing job connecting people with one another. The fact alone that you can talk about events occurring all around the world with people from all over is amazing. But one would think that this ability would lead to people becoming more open minded or at least more educated about various view points that are out there. This is something that is part of being human, you grow and learn about the world around you.

Here are some recent gems that I picked up from online. In regards to the Ukraine situation if you are not actively denouncing Russia then you are Putin’s BFF. If you don’t actively denounce Hamas you are a terrorist and should join them in the middle east. If you are not actively supporting the Democrat party then you obviously are a Koch paid operative who hates minorities and the poor. There are so many more gems out there that you just want to run out of the room screaming. Seriously, just cause you don’t necessarily agree with one side or are maybe questioning a situation. That doesn’t mean that you are for the opposite.

Part of becoming an adult is rationality and proportionality. Letting your 9 year shoot an uzi is probably not the smartest thing to do. However I would never want to take away some ones right to own guns. Doing research and actively being engaged is a sign of maturity, but attacking someones views because they don’t align with yours and then saying that they obviously must be the complete opposite of yours fails to take a lot into account. In the NFL there are many teams, some are rivals, some are not. If I watch a game, I am not necessarily going to cheer for the team opposite of yours (I would support my own team).

But for whatever reason in politics or foreign policy it seems to be that things are all or nothing. You are either for open borders or for creating fortress America. This to me makes little to no sense. I mean I like Coke but I would be just as happy drinking a Dr Pepper. Things aren’t always do or die. In fact many thing, with research and historical understanding, will actually lead you to think that most of the time they are not as black and white as people make them out to be.