What We Lose With Only Two Children Per Family – Andrew Yuengert

What we lose with only 2 children

This is definitely an article that is food for thought. I have a younger brother and a younger sister. I have a pretty good relationship with both of them. I have never really considered turning to them as a point for help, but then again in some ways they are always there for advice and support. My sister is a fabulous editor and my brother has good advice to dispense. But this article does ask a good question though, what are you losing if you don’t have more children?

Does it make you more dependent on the state, I don’t know. That is one is tough to answer, just because in some ways having less children allows parents to pour more money into a child there by giving them greater advantages. But where this article hits home is that one shouldn’t be swayed by what society thinks about what one does. Do what you want to do and enjoy this life.

What We Lose With Only Having Two Children Per Family…..

14 signs that most Americans are flat broke

zero-hedge-dot-com-redThis is article was recently posted on Zero hedge and it is pretty bothersome. The headline is a bit dramatic cause we don’t know if there will be another financial crisis but regardless, it is scary to think that approximately 62 percent of all Americans are living pay check to pay check. This means that if they lose their job or have an illness they will go heavily in debt. Also people are not saving any money which plays back into the whole living pay check to pay check. I don’t know what will change this whole situation, but hopefully it will.

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Suze Orman – Millenial Money Moves


I have been a fan of Mrs Orman for a while now. I don’t have cable at my house so I don’t get to watch her show very frequently, however at work I do. She is a extremely astute and very conservative in her outlook. Much of the advice she dispenses are things like, if you don’t have the money don’t spend it. “How will this expenditure make you earn more money?” It’s very basic stuff, but it makes some of her guests on the show really think about why they are spending the money that they are. Here is a decent video of her explaining some financial moves that millenials should be making with their money. This is just one of many of her videos that can provide you with some good financial advice.

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The World is our Classroom – A Homeschool Mom

This is a wonderful article by A Homeschooler Mom and shows that you don’t need a classroom for learning. Its wonderful to see others have the same view.


“I think most homeschoolers dream of having a place to call their own. You know… a dedicated ‘homeschooling’ space where the bulk of our learning gets done. While not all of us have a dedicated room to do our schooling in, we are fortunate tocall the world our classroom; learning takes place anywhere and everywhere!”

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Who’s your favorite Decepticon? (guest post)


I received a comment on my article, Megatron is the good guy? Which appears to be pretty popular. Its a different spin on the whole Decepticons vs Autobots story. I tend to think that neither side is really right or wrong in fact in some ways the Decepticons seem to be on the right side. But that is a matter of opinion.

soundwave-animated1The article that was linked is an article on who is your favorite Decepticon. Personally I am going to go with Soundwave (or Shockwave) the reason is that he would literally end the war between the Decepticons and the Autobots. He is just completely hampered by the two bumblers at the top, Megatron and Starscream. Seriously though, Soundwave would blow up the Autobot base with some fancy gadget and that would be it. Owell, that does make for  rather boring story now doesn’t it?

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Do you allowance


My 6 year old has been extremely helpful around the house. He helps with just about everything from taking out the dishes, wiping the table, cleaning his room and the front and so on. It makes me very happy to see him volunteering his help in such ways. This led to my wife and I deciding to go ahead and start giving my son an allowance. It is something that we talked about doing before but he was always a bit too young. Now that he is older it seems as though it will be a good time to start to teach him about money and how one earns it and what one can do with it.

The first thing that I did with him was to show him was how an ATM works. He withdrew a total of 60 dollars out of the ATM. He then looked at the 20 dollar bill. I showed him the security markings and who was on the 20 dollar bill. He went home with the bill in his pocket pleased as punch. Now to show him how to be responsible with the money I sat him down and started telling him about charity, investment, savings and fun money. I think he seemed to get it cause he was asking me questions about how to invest.

The way we broke the money down was 50 percent into savings. This will be held in his glass jar for the time being and then in a couple of years we will set up an investment account. I told him all about bonds, stock and interest. He seemed kind of bored with this, but hey who can blame him right?  After that I told him 10 percent would go to charity or in this case the church. I told him about the ten percent that God asks of us and explained to him how important it is to give money to charities and causes we believe in. He was very happy about giving money to God. Then we went on to fun money which is 30 percent of the total. This is the money you can spend on what ever you want, whether it is going to be saved or spent immediately it is his choice. Finally I told him about savings. Another one of those moments where he got really bored. But I guess he got it.

I was never given an allowance and not taught very much about money management and in general I think that most people aren’t. But this is one of the subjects that really needs to be addressed with children,just cause so much of your life is wrapped around money. Being able to provide them with money management skills and awareness will put them ahead of their peers. Hopefully this will help Jack in the future and get him ready to handle his finances with care.

Buy once, buy twice


My wife is a woman who is amazingly practical. Its amazing what she does with very little money. I guess some of the reason for this is that she was brought in a family where her dad worked 4 jobs to provide and income. Another reason is that it is her nature to try figure out the best way possible. This is one of those things that we can argue over, she thinks that her way is the most practical and efficient, which many times is true. However what she has found out over the years is that just cause her way is the most efficient doesn’t mean other peoples (my) ways are wrong only different. In fact it has taken her years to trust me in almost everything.


The reason I bring this up is because she taught me a very valuable lesson. Its that you can do things one of two ways, do the best way the first or be prepared to do it again and again. Where I see this most applied is in the items she buys. She buys the best of the best the first time. This generally involves her waiting for a sale and saving for item but then she will buy it. For instance she bought a Scion XA when I first met her. That was almost 10 year ago and 130k miles later the car is still driving around with no issues. She has been angling to buy Wusthoff Knives the last couple of months. She finally found a good sale and bought them. According to her, these knives should last forever (if we take care of them).


This philosophy doesn’t just stop there, but it also applied to the mixer she bought which was the Kitchen Aid Professional hd. Even though the next one down was 100 dollars cheaper. I could go on and on and on. The reasoning behind these purchases is that if you buy it the best the first time and you take care of it you will never need to buy it again. Which makes alot of sense. The mixer may have cost me 300 dollars, but if I bought the next one down for 200 and it broke within 5 years I would have to spend those 200 dollars again and again. Meaning that if I lived till I was 80 I would spend 2000 dollars during this period. I think there are plenty of things I would rather spend my money on then a new mixer every 5 years. But this concept can be applied to much in life whether its cars, mixers, knives or even your health. Its best to spend the money up front and get the best then have to buy new things every 5 years.


I can teach myself anything (including Karate)

karate for beginners

One of the reasons I love the internet is that you can learn anything you want. There are videos and blogs on just about anything you can possibly imagine. The worlds specialist are posting their ideas and learnings all over the internet. Many of the most famous universities have posted their lessons on line so you can theory attend Harvard without actually having to go to class. But it isn’t just in the academic sphere where this, you can ask questions and people wil answer, infact on a forum like Reddit you can interact wit field experts from rocket designers to hair cutters. It is amazing.

This leads me to tell you that I started teaching my son Karate. Okay, I attended Judo and karate when I was young but I don’t remember very much from it. Maybe some of throws and the yelling and that is about it. But my son was asking me to teach him Karate. So I pulled up Youtube just to see if I can help him along and lo and behold there are multiple series on basic  to advanced Karate. We started working on it together and he is getting to be pretty good at it. In fact I am not considering buying him a Gi (Karate Uniform) and a hand held punching bag.


This is the series I am currently following. Karate for Beginners. The video is definitely amateur however my kids love and one of the best part is that it actually teaches them Karate. It definitely focuses them and last but not least it wears them out so after one session the are actually pretty tired. For me it also wonderful to spend such quality time with them and I always wanted to learn Karate soooo its kind of a win win all around. I conclude by saying, if you want to learn something, anything just google it and I am fairly confident you can learn all about it.

legos for girls

Since I was little I played with Legos and to this day they still hold a special place in my heart. I remember spending countless hours with them building space ships, towns and adventures. It is a timeless toy that my own children play with. One thing that didn’t really cross my mind was if it was a boy or girls toy. I remember girls as well boys playing with it when I was little. However apparently this is a huge issue.


According to the Lego documentary on Netflix in the 90’s Lego sales took a massive dip. To counter this trend the company started having more gender focused toys. You can see this in the 2000’s with movie tie ins, increased police toys and comic book tie ins. Many of the pre 90’s toys didn’t have guns (outside of muskets and flintlock pistols for pirates). This trend of more male oriented toys led to a decline of females buying legos. So to capitalize on females, lego introduced a series called Friends.


Friends was premised on a group of young women who lived in a town and they do a lot cosmopolitan things. Such as baking, teaching, going on a yacht and so on. This series was met with a bit of hostility and controversy by various female advocate groups who essentially claimed that this marginalized women and promoted this cosmopolitan life style. Instead being more empowering for women it reinforced various stereo types. Also it was asked why is it that all the boys toys are adventure oriented and the girls are not. (also there were was controversy over the fact that the Friends figurines weren’t exactly compatible with traditional legos, reinforcing the two seperate genders even more). Read more on the controversy here.


Lego did answer this controversy by introducing some jungle adventures in Friends but it seems as thought they are introducing a new set called Elves. I have not read very much about however it looks pretty nice and they are keeping the old figurines. Here is the image I saw my local retail store:


Guest post – Get Hired Now (Stefan Molyneux)

One of the toughest things that people deal with in getting a job is the dreaded job interview. Mr. Molyneux does a comprehensive job of walking you through the steps of how to conduct yourself in an interview. He makes alot of really good points especially that enthusiasm for a company can go a long way in an interview.