What Zombucks have been released so far?

zombucks-walker-reverse_1 The provident metals company has released a wonderful set of 7 silver coins over the last 2 years. They are known as the ZOMBUCKS collections. AKA the currency of the Zombie apocalypse. Its essentially a Zombie take on existing coins out there. The coins come in both silver and copper and also in a metal key hanger. So if you don’t want to shovel over 20 bucks  you can always get a slightly cheaper one. I have bought 2 of the set so far and thought about getting the other ones, however they are all sold out. Now I am waiting on the next one to come out. It looks as though April 2015 is when the next is going to come out.

Here is a run down of the coins and their corresponding coin.

1 The Barber


2. The Barber half dollar


3. Zombucks Murk Diem


4. Mercury Dime


5. Zombucks Feast


6.Peace Silver dollar


7.Zombucks Walker


8. Silver Eagle/Walking liberty


9. Silver Buffalo dime


10. The American Zombuff


11. Morgue Anne


12. The Famous silver Morgan




14. The Standing liberty


There you have it. All the ZOMBUCKS coins for the last 2 years. I will update once I find out what the new ones are.

They cleaned their room!

Partially in response to the article about Children and Chores here is something that happened a couple of days ago.

After months of working on it i have my kids to the point that they will clean and vacuum. Its not easy but the pay off has been great. here is proof of the event.






They recieved a donut as a reward.

Legos for girls follow up – Matt Unger

In regards to the previous Legos article a friend of mine posted his thoughts on the whole Legos for girls situation.

The Friends controversy caused a bigger change in marketing but the way they have marketed to girls had been fairly consistent. Lego had done a “Homemaker” series & the Paradisa series that could integrated into the basic set but was very much based on gender stereotyping and in no way gender neutral. In the 80s most of my blocks had the face to the left. Gender was pretty much defined by putting a ponytail on it. In the 90s the faces started to have more beards but rarely did I find/get one with lipstick. Lego really started to have multiple hair and face styles that were more like women for what I would call the base sets in the late 90s around the time they started doing the Star Wars sets.

I really think the Research Institute Lego Set had such pent up demand is because of how long Lego has used gender stereotyping in marketing to girls. It is more that the basic Lego sets are still bought, regardless of gender but marketing makes a huge difference. If I remember correctly a lot of the dip came from the way they changed their designing because their patents were getting ready to expire. They went to one time use, special purpose blocks starting in the 90s so Lego moved away from the way you can build ANYTHING with their blocks model. At the same time K’NEX came out using the same model that you can really build ANYTHING, however it is more stick oriented. This meant that Lego had direct competition from MegaBlocks, but anyone can tell you their blocks aren’t quite right, when compared to Legos.

My pre 90’s Lego sets didn’t have much gender defining aspects to their clothes or faces. Most of the gender aspect was ambiguous unless it was a ponytail. You could try to make some assumptions for things like the knights & castle sets, however that is based on historical norms not really the blocks themselves. Even then they were still 80% purchased for boys. They could have changed their marketing to gain market share in “the pink toy aisle” instead they entirely changed the minifigures, more pastels, changed the colors of the boxes, and reinforced gender norms.

(My mom actually liked Legos because they didn’t have guns, but I still built guns for my Legos.)

I also had a set similar this this but it was scuba diving not Coast Guard (but I thought you would like the Coast Guard example) the only thing they would have needed to market to girls would have been a different hat and/or not a beard and maybe a “cute” animal for the Lego minifigures to explore. If I’m being stereotypical the boy might hunt the cute animal while the girl might save it but it could be done from the exact same set depending on the marketing and the face/hair on the Lego set. 

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Why Children Need Chores – Wall Street Journal

shouldchildrenhave choresIn the rush to get our children into the best possible everything we seem to have forgotten some very basic things that are good for children. These are simple chores around the house such as washing up and cleaning their room. According to this article this is what sets children up for success. The article is a great reminder of what can provide real happiness and satisfaction in a childs life. It isn’t just success professionally but the personnal relationships that one develops and that starts with doing chores around the house.


Geek Girl World

geekgirlsworldlogoOne of my friends from long ago launched a website geared toward girls and geekiness. Geekgirlworld.com  Which is really great! Unfortunately this is a segment of society that is kind of over looked. Sure there are nerds and geeks among boys but among females its a small and largely overlooked. The reason I know that this exists besides this website is that my wife kind of falls into this category. She is  a Firefly and Farscape fanatic.

The beauty of these series is that many of the females on these shows are strong independent women, just look at Captain Janeway, the Warrior woman and so on. They are wonderful examples of women who are strong in their own right. They are also diverse and range in their profession. For instance you have warriors, engineers and leaders. So while for the moment I am stuck with Elsa and Anna in the future I will have my daughter watching these other programs that will hopefully show her that it is okay to be strong and even outspoken about who she is.


While this is not entirely accurate I do find it gets to the point of women in Geek culture.

My daughters heroes


I love my daughter and I want nothing but the best for her. But I can honestly tell you that it worries me sometimes that I am raising her in this world today. I am constantly bombarded by warnings of that she will lose all confidence by the time she is a teenager. That she wont want to do math or be interested in science. She will be called “bossy” and she will very likely find some loser boyfriend. So yeah, way to be optimistic about having a daughter. It makes one wonder why anyone would even want a daughter. Right?

While I cannot predict what the future holds for my daughter (soon to be daughters). I can tell you that as a father I feel a bit overwhelmed about her future. You are very much flooded with a steady message of women are mistreated and society doesn’t value women and so on. So what to do? How do I raise a daughter that is strong and does what she wants to do? The most positive part in all of this is that she has wonderful example in a mother that is head strong and marches to the beat of her own drum. Her mother is fiercely independent and people follow her example. She inspires others to try new things. So on that front we are good.

Further more, there are strong women all around my daughter. Her aunt is flobotomist (she draws peoples blood). Her other aunt is world class editor. Her great grandma was a nurse and I could go on and on. So on that front I am not worried. Furthermore, I do believe in a certain amount of laisez faire approach to parenting and on that front I would not be worried. Even if she decided that she wanted to get married and be mom it would be delightful, because in looking at the women in my family that are moms, they are all happy and contented women.

But yet, I do still worry about her. The constant barrage about girls not getting ahead in technology, science, medicine and so on. What am I supposed to do as a father to encourage this?

The new Transfomers series


I am very excited! This is because I found out that there will be a new Transformers series coming out. It takes places after the last series that the Transformers had, Transformers Prime. This new series ****SPOILER ALERT**** will focus on Bumblebee and him leading a team of Autobots on planet Earth. He is hunting down a group of Decepticons who crash landed on earth on a prison/military transport space ship. There hasn’t been much else released about the series but looking at the preview it appears as though there will be a bunch of new Autobots and Decepticons introduced (both all together new to the Transformers universe and some old ones that weren’t shown in the Transformers Prime series).

Here is the preview:

The animation style is a drawn style which is different from the previous series. It looks very clean and I wonder though if it will me more cartoony and geared towards younger kids. I don’t know. I also wonder whether the Rescue Bots will cross over at some point. However it will be awesome to see GRIMLOCK!!!! I am very much looking forward to see what they will be introducing in this series. It is coming out in April 2015.

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