Call the doula!

CAM02745Unfortunately I have not been able to post for a couple of weeks. So, some of you may wonder where I have been. Well as I know my daughter was born about 4 weeks ago. It was amazing, she was born very rapidly. She weighed a little over 8 lbs and is remarkably cute. She sleeps all the time and is starting to smile. This is a bit of a new development for me, most of my other kids did not smile immediately or sleep the way this little girl does.
 What I had not addressed was what led up to this wonderful birth. We hired a doula, now I know that not all of you know what exactly that is but I will explain. A doula is sort of like a midwife, however she is not a nurse. She is a support for the mother, during pregnancy and labor and even afterwards. For my wife it was wonderful having someone there that she could text with and or talk too when she had questions about her pregnancy. “Is this normal or does this happen.”
Where it really paid dividends is when my wife went into labor and during labor. The doula gave her advice on when to go to the hospital and was able to advocate for her at the hospital. Even though I have had 3 other kids, I can tell you that when your wife is screaming in pain and the doctors/nurses are going through their check list you lose a lot of power. This is where a doula really helps, she is not as emotionally invested in the birth and is able to help keep the parents wishes.
When labor was happening and we arrived at the hospital, we had my wife be on her knees to give birth. THe doula applied lower back pressure. This led to a rather fast delivery of the baby. It was the fastest baby delivery that my wife and I ever ad. I would recommend a doula to any that is having a baby.

Is it cause he’s yellow? (Why do kids like Bumblebee so much?)

bumblebeeUnfortunately Netflix lost the agreement to Hasbro for all the old Transformers, so therefor I cannot watch it any more. However I am sure that Hulu will end up carrying the new series that is coming out this month (April 2015). I have posted a couple of clips of the new show and I am seriously excited about it. What I keep wondering though is why was the Transformers Prime series cancelled? It was a really good series and I always wanted to see Cybertron reactivated and how the Autobots would live there. But anyways, that kind of breaks away from what I wanted to talk about which is, why is Bumblebee so popular?

I mean seriously what about him is so great. When compared to the other Autobots he is a bit a weakling. They always tout him as this great scout, but I am not sure what that means. Arcee, gets the humans to join the Autobots. Ratchet does all the fixing up and his sensors detect most actions of the Decepticons. Optimus and Bulkhead do the majority of the fighting. Even the newest additions are adding something to the mix, Smokescreen is an amazing fighter and Ultramagnus is basically a junior version of Optimus (in fact in some ways he would be a much better leader by putting an end to the war). I am not gong to include Wheeljack. So where does Bumblebee fit into all this. He is basically a mid level warrior that never gets into trouble and kind of does what he told. He doesn’t even destroy a lot of Decepticons (okay he does take out Megatron, but largely because he is distracted).

But he is going to be the leader in the new series because the other Autobots made it back to Cybertron. So no Smokescreen, Optimus Prime, Arcee, Ultramagnus and so on. He has a team of new autobots, which are going to be tracking down escaped Decepticons. Which sounds really cool, but I almost wish that Smokescreen could have taken over as the leader. He has a natural leader ability and has a lot of gusto about him. So while I am not ripping on Bumblebee and I am glad that he came back and got his voice box it does seem a bit odd to make him the leader.I think it is because people like him so much and the primary reason why people like him so much is because he is yellow and seems to be very easy to relate to.

Awesome Bumblebee toys.

Peter Schiff show – His take on Student Loans


One of the biggest struggles the next generation is going to be dealing with is student loans. Everyone has them and many people will most likely be stuck with them for the rest of their lives. Between minimum wage jobs and no prospects this issue will likely come to a head in the next couple of years. Peter Schiff discusses this issue in detail and comes to some interesting conclusions.

Deck Heroes (A review)

deckheroeslogoThe last number of weeks I have been playing the online game called Deck Heroes. Its been a blast playing it. You collect cards by beating levels, collecting pieces of cards, buying them and so on. These cards represent creatures that fight for you and they have special abilities such as healing, sniping and so on. The higher the level of these cards the more powerful they are. So you can level them up by earning level cards and them using them on the warriors you have. You do this until you get a strong army together and you can advance in the game.

Beyond there being an area where you can explore there is an arena, where you can battle other players in the game. There are special events where you can gain special items and in game game money which can be used to get even more powerful creatures. So there is a lot to do during the game and you can literally play this for hours and hours. If the game itself isn’t enough there are also guilds you can join which allow you explore whole new areas of the game and opens up even more special items in the game.


The game is very engaging and there is always something new happening in the game. So you wont get bored. Although there is definitely some grinding that one has to do to get higher level, which is expected with a game like this. But with a number of the new special events and having Facebook competitions and events this seems to go to the back burner. I highly recommend this game for those who have some time to burn and want a challenge. In fact you can even join me. My online name is danneskjold and my online id is: 230640693. I have a guild and it is called ragnars raiders.

As much as I enjoy playing this game, I still love playing Magic the Gathering even more.

Go Go Gadget Go!

When I was about 5 I went over to my grandfathers house early Saturday morning. One of the most awesome things about staying there was that he had cable. This meant that we got to watch Saturday morning cartoons. My Brother and sister and I would lounge in the big oversize chair and watch many of your favorite childhood cartoons such as MASK, Transformers and Inspector Gadget. We rarely watched tv during this time so this was an amazing treat and I am sure a nice reprieve for my parents cause it gave them a chance to talk with my grandparents.

Inspector Gadget always stuck out to me cause it was kind of one of those zany shows that was totally influenced by Get Smart and Looney Tunes. Having recently rewatched some of the episodes you realize that there was an actual plot line. I think that is something you don’t entirely get when you are 5 and if you don’t watch the show in chronological order. Penny, Brain and Uncle Gadget were great characters and it it amazing to see how much Penny does the crime solving while Inspector Gadget kind of fumbles about and in the end gets the credit. It still leaves me with a couple of questions though. What happened to Penny’s parents? Is Gadget a robot or a cyborg? What or who is Dr Claw?

But this leads me into some great news! Netflix has produced a whole new season of Inspector Gadget. So far it is basically as zany as the previous series and follows a similar premise. Penny/Brain save the day while IG bumbles about and finally gets the credit. However there are some changes. FIrst of it takes place a number of years after the original defeat of Dr. Claw and MAD. So Penny is all grown up and Gadget has a number of upgrades. Claw was frozen during this time and his nephew unfreezes him. But beyond that it is still wacky adventures and lots of humorous adventures with IG. Will IG defeat Dr. Claw and MAD? We don’t know yet but will find out soon enough.

One other reason I really like it so much is because I can watch it with my kids and in many ways it feels as though I am sharing my childhood with them. The show is quite clean and has a lot of overlap with Looney Toons. Penny is a great role model for girls, cause she is humble about her victories and really loves her uncle. So if you get a chance to watch it and want to relive your own childhood, don’t hold back.

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If you want to revisit the original series, it is available on Amazon. Inspector Gadget 1983

Wait, a female Transformer

Okay, so far the Transformers have been a largely male dominated tv show. I am assuming that much of this just comes down to who watches the show. But there are a number of girls who do watch this show. (I am on a TMNT forum and I am surprised by the amount of female fans). But it looks as though Hasbro may have actually taken their viewership seriously and have introduced STRONG ARM. She is an elite Autobot warrior and female at that. That is kind of exciting, especially cause my daughter watches Rescue Bots and likes Jessie who is a great role model for girls.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise is the latest of the transformers Saga and is showing on the HUB.

Born with a silver spoon in their mouth

silverbutterknifeMost silver bugs tend to buy either either coins or bonds. Now I am not at all against doing either one, however there are a number of other ways to buy silver. These other ways are also relatively safe because they don’t just sit in a vault some where and the odds of them getting stolen are unlikely. Also your significant other can get behind buying these items too.

1. Jewelry. Oh yes. I said jewelry. Instead of buying coins which your family or significant other may find quaint or not a worth while investment. This is an easy way to get them on board. In general any woman will love getting a neck lace, ring, ear ring and so on, especially if it is a precious a metal. Most jewelry is sterling silver, which means it is 92.5 percent silver. This is a pretty high percentage and comparable to coins. Furthermore, these types of items are easy to transport and relatively easy to store. They will always hold their value and can always be passed on to your children when you are old.

2. Sterling silverware. Everyone has heard the term,”Born with a silver spoon in their mouth.” There is a reason that this statement came about, it is because wealthy people had sterling silver ware. Precious metals are a store of wealth and this is one way to help you get there. Just like silver jewelry, they are generally Sterling silver but can be coin silver. The nice thing about having real silver ware is that you can use it too, although you generally need to polish it. Real silver ware also is much better looking that stainless steel and feels much more solid in your hand.  Furthermore, it has been said that having some silver in your diet can be good for your health.

3. Collectibles. Many things are made out silver, if you go to any silver dealer you will see that there are countless items made out of silver. For instance Provident metals has bullets made out of silver. They are not real, but they are replicas of the real thing. Most of them are pretty affordable and it allows you to buy them without neccesarily being hassled by family. 

The aforementioned items are great ways to get started with collection Silver especially if you are not looking to buy a lot of silver or just want something to hedge your bets about the future.

-Just to clarify, I am not an investment advisor and please do not view this investment advice. All investment and financial decision need to be carefully weighed and are best left to the experts.

Why Kids Need to Experience the Value of Hard Work (Dave Ramsey)

dave ramseyI am a very big fan of Dave Ramsey and have used his training course to get out of debt. In fact his view on most things seems to make a lot of sense. He talks about parenting and having children and introducing house work to children. He used the state, “Teaching a child to work is not child abuse.” this is so true. I know that we think that it is hard to stay on kids to work but what i have discovered is that children do enjoy work and when rewarded they appreciate it even more. Finally the article also states,” Why is this good? It is good because you want your daughter to marry Mr. Right, not Mr. Lazy.” That in itself can be a motivation to have children do chores.

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Dave Ramsey has a book, The Total Money Make Over. It is one of the best books I have read on getting your finances under control.

Review-Doctor-Who-the-11th-doctor-9 ( – Lacey Schatz)

IMG_4490-198x300I just finished reading “Serve You,” a story from the 11th incarnation of the Doctor. He still with his companion Alice, who’s dealing with the loss of her mother, and an alien life form known as Arc. Since their last adventure, Arc has been in a catatonic state and keeps himself in a ball like shape. Added to the mix is Jones, a singer of  sorts.

They’re all traveling to see a character known as the Overseer. He’s done something to Alice, and she wants vengeance. Now normally this isn’t something the Doctor would condone, but apparently he’s working out a plan, and they’ll be on their way as soon as possible.