Do you think Halloween is controversial?

2015-10-12 16.48.51 Halloween, is a holiday about creepy crawlers, witches, and other ghoulish figures it’s been celebrated for many many years. It appears to date back to Germany where it has been celebrated for hundreds of years. Most likely at some point the Christian missionaries that came to Germany Christianized the holiday and turned it into all hallows Eve, which is how it is remembered today. It is the day where the spirit realm is the closest to the human realm. In order to ward away the evil spirits, people would put pumpkins out front of their house.

The modern incarnation of this holiday is basically a children’s holiday. Yes, adult celebrate but for the most part it is a children’s holiday. There is controversy surrounding this holiday particularly among Christians and whether we should be celebrating such a pagan holiday. However I feel that it is a children’s holiday with them dressing up as their favorite heroes, ghosts and or other fantasies. This is largely where it ends, the kids have fun with it and they don’t make it about paganism. 2015-10-12 16.54.03

People may disagree with what I’m saying and that is their prerogative. However celebrating other holidays that are also largely a pagan tradition such as Christmas (Solstice), days of the week are named for pagan deities, Easter and so it is still setting a certain precedent. Therefore while I may not get dressed up, I highly encourage my kids to get dressed up and have fun with this holiday by collecting as much possible candy as they can. One day when they are older they will realize that this is just a children’s holiday that is largely what you make of it.

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PTSD in adult survivors


I recently ran across this article. Its about child abuse and the impact it has on the individual as an adult. A child never really gets over it. Its very insightful and very sad that parents can do this to children. I hope that any parent with young kids will read it and think about how they are raising their kids.

The image is from WIKI media and the photographer is: D Sharon Pruitt.

Jason Stapleton on Youtube


I recently discovered A wonderful new Youtube channel aka The Jason Stapleton Program. A libertarian who discusses politics, the economy and other world affairs in a very analytical manner. I highly recommend this if you are interested in learning about the world and not yelling at your radio.

This is the YOUTUBE link:


Snow Flake, the cat that died

White-CatA long time ago when I still lived with my parents, they owned a couple of cats. One of them was snowflake. Snow flake was a small white cat that was long furred and had blue eyes. Snow flake was also small. She was very sweet and would come and sit with you all the time. Compared to the other cats, this was a sweetheart and I really liked her.
One morning I heard pawing at my door. I went to let Snow flake in. She tried to jump into bed with me but could. I picked her up and put her next to me thinking she was tired. But she was making weird sounds and didn’t want to relax.
An hour went by and I had to get ready to go to work. I took a shower and came back into the room. Snow Flake was still on the bed, but she was acting kind of woozy and had her tongue hanging out her mouth.
I took her into the living room and sat with her in a wicker chair and stroked her fur and scratched her head. I told her every thing would be okay very soon, over and over. Her breathing became shallower and shallower. I could feel the life leaving her extremities. She would look up at me with her small blue eyes but they couldn’t focus. Her body slowly went completely rigid in my hands and I could feel her life leaving her body.
Slowly I watched the sun rise above the trees and thought about life. I must have been there for another hour until I could feel Snow Flake getting cold in my hands. After which I am not sure what I did but I will always remember that wonderful cat.

The image used is from WIKImedia and doesn’t have a copyright.


750px-Flag_of_Oregon.svgI am very sorry to hear about the children that we murdered and I pray for the families and individuals that are affected. I also hope it is a reminder that you need to be ready to meet your maker every day.

In thinking about this shooting, I wonder how much of this shooting comes down to parenting and monitoring your kids. Sure the shooter was 26 so for all intents and purposes he was an adult but apparently there were more issues there. You have to have some idea as a parent that your kid is going of the deep end when he is using Nazi names as a handle on line and is into Satanic imagery. Its up to parents to raise your kids well and if they are a danger to society then you need to step up.

“Flag of Oregon” by User:Denelson83 – From the xrmap flag collection 2.7. Colors derived from image at World Flag Database.. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –