Episode 13. Classical Education, The Education I Wish I Had Had As A Kid. Bitcoin. The Wave Of The Future

Classical education is an amazing concept and has been taught for many many years. Only recently has the world broken away from it. It teaches individuals how to think instead of what to think. The other issue I want to address is bitcoin and what

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Episode 12. What do you mean not socialized?

A common argument heard against home schoolers is that they are not socialized. This is largely a misnomer and very far from the truth. Here I address this issue and other amazing facts about homeschooling.

Episode 11. Why I still like Jar Jar and the New Star Wars Movie

I watched the new Star Wars movie a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I highly recommend it for any to watch. Here is my review.

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Episode 9. What is open ended play?

Growing up I lived  in a neighborhood where I could play all day and run around the neighborhood. As I got older and moved to other neighborhoods this changed. I had lot of toys too  which were great and they were all meant to be used with your imagination. However there were one or two that were very limited in play and they would really frustrate me. It wasn’t until I got a lot older did I realize what the problem was them. It was non open ended play. In this episode I discuss what this is and why it is not good for your children.

Episode 5. Tv. Quality vs Quantity? What is the Debt Snowball?

This is episode 5. Today I discuss Screen time and kids watching tv. Is it really that bad? Also I discuss debt and paying it off using David Ramseys model of the debts snowball. Not sure what that is? Take a listen.

Episode 3. What is a libertarian parent? Legos, balls and blocks. The only three toys your kids will need.

This is the latest podcast of libertarian dad and I am addressing what is it to be a libertarian parent. Also I talk about the only 3 toys your kid needs. Enjoy.

episode 2. What is Fatherhood and depression

In this episode I discuss what is fatherhood and a talk about depression. It amazes me how many people experience depression or know someone who suffers from it. It is like this hidden secret that noone talks about and yet it is all around us. As for fatherhood, I discuss what it is to be a father and some of the ideals I hold when it comes to being one.