Zombucks: Starving Liberty

starving liberty

For the last 2 years the precious metals dealership Provident metals has been producing these very awesome looking coins. They are called the Zombucks series and they play of of the whole zombie craze. The coin is based on an actual coin in circulation and it is modified with a zombie theme. A couple of weeks ago they introduced the latest one named Starving Liberty and it is based on the original Walking Liberty. The coins look phenomenal and come in gold, silver and copper. So if you decide you want to buy one you don’t have to go all in to buy the gold or silver one. So far I have bought all the ones that have been released, albeit in copper.

Read about all the coins released so far: https://libertariandad.wordpress.com/2015/03/30/what-zombucks-have-been-released-so-far/

Provident Metals Zombucks: http://www.providentmetals.com/zombucks-starving-liberty-silver-round.html

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