Episode 31. Women’s History Month. You Should Vaccinate Your Kid.

Last month was womens history month and here I talk about this and how it relates to my daughter. ALso why should you vaccinate your kids?

Episode 32. No More Screen Time. The Younger Kids.

After allowing my kids to watch more tv due to me and my wife being sick we decided to move the tv into the guest room and keep it locked. It is amazing what no tv will do to kids. They are playing so nicely together.

Episode 32. Why I Vaccinated My Kids. The World Is Your Oyster

A number of people I have run into are against vaccinations. I am for vaccinations, the primary reason is not that if you don’t get your kid will die (cause that is very unlikely) but those disease can cause alot of other issues. Also I discuss entrpeneurship and why it is so very important.

Episode 22. The F bomb. What should you buy once?


Being a parent of kids is challenging and maybe even tougher in some ways today then in the past. One of the tough things to deal with is kids using not so great language, however I am not to worried about that part. If kids are exposed to it, it can be like a vaccination for future usage. Also what king of items should you buy once, versus buying a cheap version and buying another in the future?


By Pan European Game Information (Own work, [1]) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Episode 21. Crime And Punishment. Does Punishment Deter Children. Having The Talk With Your Kids.

Part of being a parent is dealing with punishment and consequences. The question is, does punishment deter future bad activity? Also when is a good age to have the talk and what is a good resource to use for this.