What would education look like without public school?

Its hard to imagine the modern world without yellow school buses and large public schools. However at a time not that long ago this didn’t exist. So in its absence what would education look like?
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Episode 14. Investment Advice. Go To A Licensed Professional. How To Deal With Children Hitting Each Other.

Following a good discussion about bitcoin I have to clarify that it is very important to discuss any financial decisions with a certified financial planner. Also you need to diversify cause you never know what will gain or lose value. Lastly, my kid was bit by another kid and there are some valuable lessons I learned from this happening.

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Episode 12. What do you mean not socialized?

A common argument heard against home schoolers is that they are not socialized. This is largely a misnomer and very far from the truth. Here I address this issue and other amazing facts about homeschooling.

Better Than College

Geneva_medical_college This is a great article on alternatives college and reasons on why not to go to college. its not advocating that you don’t go, however before you go consider some of these things. Its one of those articles that you kind of wish you had read before you spent thousands of dollars and hours going to college. If you are looking at going to college or back to college then these are somethings to consider.  Better Than College….

Books on this subject: Better then College: How to Build A Successful life without A College Degree

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10 Subjects that should be taught in School

improving educationWith the worlds economy changing every day we in the US have decided to completely forego natural changes and instead stick to a curriculum that has largely not changed since the 1920’s. But hey you know somethings don’t get old right? SInce we don’t allow people to not go to school, instead here are some practical changes that could definitely enhance schools and make them for the better. I would have loved taking a real sport or applied mechanics in high school Enjoy.

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Study says homework doesn’t help students score better grades – Times of India

schoolhomeworkI have always wondered if this was the case. But this shows that it is true. I mean getting stuck in a building for eight hours at a time should count for something. Atleast in college you generally only take 2-3 classes at a time with a 15 minute break between each one. However where home work does seem to help is with standardized testing and with SOLS and the new Common Core system I doubt that home work will be going away.

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Common Core is Fine With Me (However I will homeschool my kids)

Queensland_State_Archives_2854_Science_class_at_Nambour_State_Rural_School_1946In a recent conversation with a friend of mine who is against common core, I happen to say that common core was fine with me. This may shock many of you because many of you know my stance on public schools. But yes I am fine with common core. I have read a bit about it and have looked at what is required of children and much of it is different then how we have conducted education in the past but over all it is not that different from the way things have been. Children still learn all the basic educational requirements such as math, english and so on.

It is nicely set up so that the curriculum is country wide, there for where ever you go your kid will always have the same standards and last of all it produces the ability for all school districts to show how they compare with each other. All the things I have listed are all good things. It makes life pretty easy on teachers and hey they can even get unique books to fulfill their requirements. Sure the methodology isn’t always the best, but hey who ever said that all things have to stay the same.

Video: Common core opponent

The woman in this video seems to point something out about this new system that seems as though common core is some kind of system meant to take down children.What the video really points out and what so many parents are starting to realize is that the education system we have has turned into a one size fits all. Maybe back in the day people thought that each teacher could select their own curriculum and then inspire their students to rise above the fray. But this illusion has been shattered. Their little Suzy isn’t getting a specially crafted curriculum, no they are getting some arbitrary system thrown at them. This is why so many have been rudely awaken and they don’t know what to do about it.

To me this is what real public education is. It is nothing but a factory worker, soldier model meant to crank out people who don’t think (too much) who react to a bell and shuffle about quickly to their class rooms and never ever question anything they are taught. It is how we were taught and our parents before. It is a complete failure of imagination that we can put our kids in a 9-5 education where they learn very little for them to be able to get a job. We don’t need more academics, factory workers or soldiers. So for that reason I am fine with this education system cause it shows the real nature of our modern education system. As for me, I will home school mine.

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Why we homeschool

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The World is our Classroom – A Homeschool Mom

This is a wonderful article by A Homeschooler Mom and shows that you don’t need a classroom for learning. Its wonderful to see others have the same view.


“I think most homeschoolers dream of having a place to call their own. You know… a dedicated ‘homeschooling’ space where the bulk of our learning gets done. While not all of us have a dedicated room to do our schooling in, we are fortunate tocall the world our classroom; learning takes place anywhere and everywhere!”

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My blog was posted on a formal website: webucator.com

I was contacted by Webucator.com and requested to write an article on the subject of college and alternative education. Here is the link that article.

Recently I was asked to respond to an article on the website Webucator.com. The article was on the subject of college and if it is still worth going too. Here is the link to the original article and about half way down is the link to my article.

To college or not to college by David Dunn (Founder of Webucator)

My degree is better then yours

This article deals with alternatives to going to college


College graduates on average make a million dollars more in their life time then their non college degree holding counter parts. This is always spouted of as being some truism and the reason why everyone should go to college. However I have always wondered about that statement. Obviously there has to be some truth to it right? Well maybe not, it most likely depends more on what you get a degree in and who you know or where you came from.

People who went to college in the past were people who were already well connected and could afford to go and get a degree in something. This is probably not the case for most people today. Think of it this way, if your dad was a wealthy man will you most likely be wealthy? Probably. If your parents are well connected, will you be well connected? If your parents were poor are you likely going to be poor too? According to most statistics, yes. Unfortunately the statement about making a million more doesn’t account for this. It is probably just as likely a child of a wealthy family would fare as well with a college degree then without. Just look at some like Bill Gates.

As a caveat, getting a degree in a hard science is slightly different and I have to interject that. If you want to be an engineer, doctor, nurse or scientist you will need to go to college to become one. These, on the whole, are the exceptions. Most persons can learn a job well enough by being in that field and as well as learning from videos or job-specific training online. The focus in much of high school and society at large is to get a prestigious degree from a 4 year institution. As long as this remains the norm, it will remain hard to change the paradigm of education.

The questions you have to ask yourself are, “Can I achieve the same end by working or educational alternatives?” and “Does my prospective career path justify the expense of college education?” A degree is expensive, and as many millenials are discovering, no guarantee of gainful employment, despite the well-meaning assurances of high school counselors. The alternatives to college are not discussed much nor are they easily organized in one place, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Khan Academy, free university lectures, Youtube videos , free training software, online training programs with certificates, blogging, on the job training, apprenticeships, and many other resources are just some of the type of alternate training programs. Some companies do look at alternatives to college and there are values put on those tools. However, college degrees are the gate keepers and most companies use them to weed out people. Until this ends and there is a “formalized structure” set up for alternate learning it will remain hard to gauge the value of alternative learning.

While college degrees have a lot of value in society the bottom line is that the world is changing and the internet has opened a whole new world of learning to every one. Disillusioned, un- and under-employed millenials are changing the game. Free or low cost educational alternatives are cropping up all over the place online. With so many people gaining college degrees, businesses are going to be looking for something else that sets a person apart from the pack. This may or may not be the skills that one can obtain from learning online or on the job. Keep in mind when weighing the options that this is your future, and no one else’s. Each situation is unique and therefore all options (traditional and alternative) should be carefully evaluated before any real decision is made. You have options. Do not get a degree and saddle yourself with years of debt just because it is what every one else is doing after high school, there are many alternatives available if you look.

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