My take on: “What Taking My Daughter to a Comic Book Store Taught Me”


This is the article that deals with a fathers experience of going to a comic book store and seeing a lot of scantily clad women on the front of comic books. As a father this subject is always a big deal do to me. The reason is that much of modern culture is hypersexualized with expectations of persons that are largely not realistic. My sons watch various comic book shows and they are generally toned down in both violence and sexual content. However it is the gateway that kids are brought into a lot of comic books such as the avengers, xmen and so on. My daughter is the youngest and she kind of watches this stuff too and as she gets older I am sure she will gain interest in comic books. But as this article points out where is the kid friendly stuff especially for little girls.

What Taking My Daughter to a Comic Book Store Taught Me

Please read and tell me your thoughts on this subject and where there are strong female heroines.