What jobs can kids do?

Kids are pretty capable of doing work. They may be smaller and have less skill it doesn’t mean they can do work and learn how to work. The 2 articles below discuss what kids could do in order to gain some money and learn some practical skills that can get them ahead in life. Not only can they earn some extra money, learn skills they can also gain a lot of self confidence.

The Best Advice Ever To A Teenage Daughter Who Needs To Make Money



Yes, Your Kids Will Be You When They Grow Up

Yes your kids will be just like you imageIn a recent parenting article I read there was a shocking statement that children turn out to be just like they are parents. What a shock, right? But if you think about it, isn’t it the truth? How many of you are just like your parents. Not just personality wise, but career, income, hobbies, likes and dislikes and so on?

Sometimes when I’m dealing with my kids, I think to myself,’ My goodness it might just like my dad,’ or,’ That is something my dad would say.’ In fact I am sure most of our parents thought the same thing. Sure, we want things to be different. But, we return to what we know and what is comfortable.

This is why I say that yes your child will be a criminal, if you are a criminal. Your child will be a writer, if you are a writer and it goes on and on and on. It’s not something to worry about, because you turned out just fine. Even with your parents being who they are.

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And then I became like my dad

Red Wing 3_4_15 (4)I think it was 9 March when my wife sat me down on the couch and said,“ I have got a present for you.” She gave me a bag with a book inside and I think the book was, “What to expect for the new father.” I read the title and kinda stared at it for little while, not really entirely realizing what was about to happen. I must’ve uttered “really?” a dozen times and looked over at my wife just to confirm that this is really happening. She showed me the positive pregnancy test just to confirm that yes this was really happening. A lot more thoughts went through my head as I was sitting there, the most prominent one was about the fact that I was about to become a dad.

Pregnancy affects men differently, you don’t experience the physical symptoms in fact you really don’t know what the child is going to be like until after they’re born. But having been a dad now for over six years and having a total of four children I can tell you, it is definitely the best experience that I’ve ever had in my entire life. People may take jabs and me about having four children and things like that. but I honestly don’t really care. I love every single one of them in their own very unique way.

Its not easy being a dad, there many things ago through your head before you have a kid. You think about all kinds of things that you do want to do, things you don’t want to do. I always use my dad as a frame of reference. It’s always funny to think that I wanted to do things differently from him and the reality has become that in so many ways I do what he does. But I also do a lot of of the same things that my mom did. Combine that with Holly’s influence and I think that my four little ones will hopefully look back and think they had a wonderful youth. But as I already said you do end up doing a lot of the same things that your parents did, even the things you didn’t like about your parents and their parenting style.

So, to all the fathers and mothers out there, I know it’s a wonderful experience. It can be very hard and very challenging. Having your heart walk outside your body is one of the scariest moments of your entire life, when they are mean it can hurt you more than anything else can. But when they gaze up at you with their loving eyes or they want to try to hold your hand when they cross the street. There’s nothing else quite like it. Even today, my four-year-old made a card for me, where I had to write’ I love you’ and then he wrapped it up and told me that this was going to be my surprise for tomorrow. But I wasn’t supposed to know about it. It’s those moments that make being a father the most awesome job in the world.

Photo: Linda House, Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation.

Dad, please don’t go

SkidebutenI realize that were all going to die. I realize there were all going to be in the grave one day. It’s not an easy thing to think about. In fact it’s pretty tough, it’s simply not something that you want to think about. Its especially hard when you start talking about a loved one that may pass away. The reason I bring this up is that my dad and I had a talk about the possibility of him dying. I realize that one day my father will pass away, however he is MY dad. I am grown up, but in my mind my dad is still the coolest guys I’ve ever known and definitely the strongest man in the world, because everybody knows that my dad can beat up your dad.

We’ve talked about this subject a couple times over the last year. But I definitely do realize that my dad can pass away at anytime, he is older me. He is in great shape and jogs every single day, he eats well, he doesn’t smoke and, has a loving wife who takes really good care of them. He also has a lot to live for, he has 5 grand kids, that (I think) really does make a difference. People who don’t have stuff to live for tend to die early. I have heard of people who retire and within 2 to 3 years end up dying. But that’s a conversation for another time.

Talking about wills and, life insurance, who gets what, what happes to my mom, who gets the car and so on is not something that you really want to talk about. It’s kind of upsetting. But I realize being the oldest one in my family and sort of being the flagship, you are the one who ends up taking care of most of these kinds of things. It makes me prepare for that moment cause I realize that anyone of us could die at any moment it is always hard to talk about this. So, when you look it the parents and other loved ones realize that they may not be with you as long as you want them to be they might be gone tomorrow. So be kind to them and love them for who they are.

Image attribution: “Skidebuten” by Øyvind Holmstad – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Skidebuten.JPG#/media/File:Skidebuten.JPG

Yes things are unfair


One of the toughest things that I deal with a day to day basis is that I keep hearing that things are unfair and need to be straightened out by the government. This starts with providing health care, retirement and even now a living wage. Having lived for a couple of years now, I am going to tell you that life is unfair. How many people here are born as good looking as Brad Pitt or as talented as Kobe Bryant? How many people were born with wealthy parents? How many have the intellect of Albert Einstein? I could go on and on about things not being fair. This is reality, the more we complain or think that someone should change the more we put the responsibility back on someone else and not take it ourselves.

When we are all in the rice patties picking rice and we are all really equal, some of us will pick more rice then others. A radio host said this and it stuck with me to this day. How do you deal with inequality? There are many ways that counteract inequality, the first one is working hard. If you are the first guy in and the last guy out, guess what you will get raises. Next, be frugal and stay on top of your finances. Lastly be involved with other organizations, such as church and or civic groups. This is how traditionally the US helped each other out. (Civic groups, what are those? Elk lodge, stamp club, Masons, Church bible study, Orange Order, VFW and the list goes on and on.)

Many of these organizations have been around for a long time and were built to help each other out. A good example being; Masons, much like sharing an Alma Mater you can be member of this group and have an automatic in with them. This is the case with others. Many of these groups are mutual assistance groups that can help you find a job, they can help with scholarships and can guide you in your life. While I know that many people want a quick and easy way to get some money these organizations can help you. However it requires dedication and having to interact with people to get where you want to go. Which to me is the way that it has been for the history of man.

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In defense of low information voters and sheeple

First of let me start of by saying that I absolutely cannot stand these two terms. They are very demeaning and insulting and will shut down any one who may possibly be listening to you. This is probably not a good thing ‘cause you seem to be a person with lots of opinions. So here goes, people have been making a big deal out of Miley Cyrus (formerly known as Hannah Montana) and her twerking at the Video Music Awards. Statements like “moral decay” and “look what the world is coming too are being said.” Yes it was a pretty horrific sight and I would hate for my kids to view this, however it should be looked at in a broader context. This context is, if this is the biggest thing we are worrying about then life in general is not so bad.


In our general electorate about 50 percent of the populace votes and many years it is lower then that. 50 percent were for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq the 50 against it. Most people live their lives, they go to work, they eat sleep and watch tv. Some read books some don’t. Some perform plays some don’t. The point is that people just want to be left alone. They don’t want to think about international politics and the latest government what ever is going on. These things add more stress to their daily lives, especially that they cannot change any of it. Many would say that this is being sheeple or LIV’s but I would argue that it is more apathy and not caring then that.


It has been stated that the founding fathers and the people who lived then were much higher educated and aware of what was going on around them then today. True this might have been so, however it is also very well possible that these people just wanted to stay home and eat and sleep and watch tv. Many people at that time were loyalists. It wasn’t until an actual rebellion had started and peoples lives were being affected by the war that more people started jumping in to fight and support the rebellion. (The American colonists saw the king for what he really was, a power that didn’t care about them). So would have they revolted if it wasn’t for them being inconvenienced otherwise…probably not.


It is the same today, people don’t change. Americans have much more information today then they did before. They are much more aware of world events and government policies and how they affect them day today. But as the people in the past have always done they go about their daily lives and just want people to leave them alone. So instead of calling people sheeple and LIV’s and making a big deal out of why they are upset about Hannah Montana realize that they are just being people who haven’t changed in thousands of years.


On why to have children

I guess this is a rather controversial topic, but I will address it. This is the subject of having children. According to recent polls Americans are not having children and I would say this is a shame. The reason why this is a shame is that these people are really missing out on a wonderful experience. Now I do understand not having children because it is a great challenge and it does cost money and takes up a lot of time. However it is totally worth it in the end. Here is why I think everyone should have kids.
First of before I go into this I would advise that anyone who wants to have kids should be married to a person they totally adore and can see being with for the rest of their lives. Also this person should also be onboard with having kids. These two steps would go a long way to taking care of children. But here goes. Children are awesome. They wake up with big smiles on their faces and want you to do everything with them. In fact they are kind of like built in friends for you. Maybe I should not say friends, maybe I should say companions cause in many ways they are. They know when you are sad or happy and they want to be there for you. Just think about it, who do you talk to most? Your parents or friends. Probably your parents.
They are also worth a massive tax deduction and you even get money for having them from the government. This means that the government essentially is paying you to have children. It goes up by about 3000 dollars a child. While this may not be enough to live of off, it is an incentive to have children. (we can discuss the transfer of wealth from one to another at another time). Also many other government benefits are contingent on the number of children you have. I would imagine that the government would incentivize having of children, especially seeing that they will be future soldiers and tax payers.
Finally one of the strongest arguments for having children essentially boils down to your retirement. I understand most people expect to live into their 80’s and use Social Security to retire and eventually they will be stuck in a retirement home. Well we don’t know what the future will hold and it is very likely that all the governmental promises will not pay out (figuring that ss ran out of money for the first time in 2012 and the baby boomers have just started retiring). Therefore, who will you rely on to take care of you when you retire? It will be your family. So all of these people who don’t have children will have a hard time having anyone take care of them, especially the ones that don’t have any money to pay for their retirement.
While having children is down played in most western societies and fueled by the fear of overpopulation. The individual has to make a decision for themselves on how they will face the future. They can make a ton of money and hope for the best. This is, versus having children that do cost a fair amount of money. However they are a blast to have around and there is no replacement for the hugs they give you and when they say they love you. They will also take care of you when you are old. Lastly I will leave you with this: I have never heard anyone say they regretted having a child, most people regret not having more.

Americans not having children: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,2148636,00.htm


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