Snow Flake, the cat that died

White-CatA long time ago when I still lived with my parents, they owned a couple of cats. One of them was snowflake. Snow flake was a small white cat that was long furred and had blue eyes. Snow flake was also small. She was very sweet and would come and sit with you all the time. Compared to the other cats, this was a sweetheart and I really liked her.
One morning I heard pawing at my door. I went to let Snow flake in. She tried to jump into bed with me but could. I picked her up and put her next to me thinking she was tired. But she was making weird sounds and didn’t want to relax.
An hour went by and I had to get ready to go to work. I took a shower and came back into the room. Snow Flake was still on the bed, but she was acting kind of woozy and had her tongue hanging out her mouth.
I took her into the living room and sat with her in a wicker chair and stroked her fur and scratched her head. I told her every thing would be okay very soon, over and over. Her breathing became shallower and shallower. I could feel the life leaving her extremities. She would look up at me with her small blue eyes but they couldn’t focus. Her body slowly went completely rigid in my hands and I could feel her life leaving her body.
Slowly I watched the sun rise above the trees and thought about life. I must have been there for another hour until I could feel Snow Flake getting cold in my hands. After which I am not sure what I did but I will always remember that wonderful cat.

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Draco went down to the ocean (How to deal with a fish’s death)

Our fish was flushed down the toilet. My son did not take it well at all.


For the last couple of week my wife had been asking me to get rid of our Beta Fish, he was about 4 ½ years old and was looking old and haggard. However I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of the fish especially with how much my second child absolutely loved the fish. Yesterday though my wife went ahead and cleaned out the fish tank and flushed the fish down the toilet. She didn’t say anything about it to any one.

That evening as we were putting the children to bed my second oldest child (SOC) asked my wife and me about the fish. “Where is Draco?” (Draco is the name of the fish) My oldest child responds,”Mommy flushed him down the toilet.” At which point SOC’s eyes welled up with big tears and he asked if that was true. My wife told him that Draco was old and that he went away. He went to the ocean to go away. SOC hugged my wife with all of his might as the tears poured from his eyes.

He fell asleep in his bed still having tears streaming out of his eye and asking if he’d ever see Draco again.

The next morning SOC was eating breakfast with me and he asked me if we could go to the ocean. I said that it was too cold and there for we would not go to the ocean. “But I want to go see Draco” said SOC. I told him that Draco was to far away in the ocean to be seen. SOC told me he would rent a boat. I told him that the Beta fish would probably be too far down to actually see. He thought about that for a while. Then he asked me how much a submarine would cost to build. I told him that he would need to be older to build a submarine. Then I told him we were going to the petstore to buy a new Beta fish.

Fortunately for me the kids were very excited about this and decided to call the new Beta fish Metalbeard. (yes, like the pirate from the LEGO movie). In retrospect this whole situation with the fish could have been handled better. But he asked about it with any kind of warning. How would you handle that whole situation?

Gold, Bitcoins and Inheritance….


Have you ever thought about an inheritance? I guess for the most part, modern day inheritances are life insurance policies and cars or at least that is what I imagine most people get as inheritances today. But the real question is what is an inheritance and would you like to pass on to your children or grand children? We live our lives and for many persons that is it, lets enjoy it while it lasts. However there is life after you pass away. Your children will most likely outlive you, do you want to leave them a legacy and something to remember you by not just memories but also something tangible?


This is something that I have thought about quite a bit and have always wanted to be able to pass on a legacy to my children and or grand children. Most likely I will live to be quite old and see my grand kids but in the mean while I am thinking to myself how I can leave them an inheritance. This is partly where my interest in Gold, Silver and bitcoins comes from. The first two are items that will always retain value no matter how bad things get, we could go plunge back into caveman times and the two precious metals would still hold value.

The bitcoins is where it becomes interesting, while I don’t know where these things would go and it could be tulip mania as Peter Schiff said. It could also be something that doesn’t fade away, we don’t know however it is worth a gamble. Spending 30 dollars a month in something speculative wont bankrupt you. Oyeah even if you think it is not going to go any where you can trade your bitcoin in at for the physical precious metals. This brings me back to the inheritance portion, it is some thing that is important to consider when looking at the future and you can help your family get ahead by giving them a gift even after you have departed this earth.

The frailty of life

The casket rolled forward through the church and everyone stood to pay their respect. The flag on the coffin slightly ruffled under the movement of being led out of the church. Tears fell and the family of the deceased slowly walked out behind the church. Slowly the children, grandchildren walked forward each one having been loved by the man who was no longer with them. What words can describe the sorrow that filled their souls with the mans passing away?The pastor walked to the front of the church and gave a small blessing to the people and thanked everyone for coming to the funeral and the rear doors opened. The people slowly sauntered in reverence out of the building. No one talked to each other and most did not crack a smile. Most people realized that this is the way a life ends, many people gathered in one place to celebrate the life that had ended.

 Who knows Jennifer May who was born in 1855, who lived a life of a wife, a mother and a grand mother? She is buried in a grave yard next to a pretty white church some where of the high way in town that time forgot. Who will visit her?

 Remember this when you look upon your life.

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