What jobs can kids do?

Kids are pretty capable of doing work. They may be smaller and have less skill it doesn’t mean they can do work and learn how to work. The 2 articles below discuss what kids could do in order to gain some money and learn some practical skills that can get them ahead in life. Not only can they earn some extra money, learn skills they can also gain a lot of self confidence.

The Best Advice Ever To A Teenage Daughter Who Needs To Make Money



Episode 3. What is a libertarian parent? Legos, balls and blocks. The only three toys your kids will need.

This is the latest podcast of libertarian dad and I am addressing what is it to be a libertarian parent. Also I talk about the only 3 toys your kid needs. Enjoy.

episode 2. What is Fatherhood and depression

In this episode I discuss what is fatherhood and a talk about depression. It amazes me how many people experience depression or know someone who suffers from it. It is like this hidden secret that noone talks about and yet it is all around us. As for fatherhood, I discuss what it is to be a father and some of the ideals I hold when it comes to being one.

And then I became like my dad

Red Wing 3_4_15 (4)I think it was 9 March when my wife sat me down on the couch and said,“ I have got a present for you.” She gave me a bag with a book inside and I think the book was, “What to expect for the new father.” I read the title and kinda stared at it for little while, not really entirely realizing what was about to happen. I must’ve uttered “really?” a dozen times and looked over at my wife just to confirm that this is really happening. She showed me the positive pregnancy test just to confirm that yes this was really happening. A lot more thoughts went through my head as I was sitting there, the most prominent one was about the fact that I was about to become a dad.

Pregnancy affects men differently, you don’t experience the physical symptoms in fact you really don’t know what the child is going to be like until after they’re born. But having been a dad now for over six years and having a total of four children I can tell you, it is definitely the best experience that I’ve ever had in my entire life. People may take jabs and me about having four children and things like that. but I honestly don’t really care. I love every single one of them in their own very unique way.

Its not easy being a dad, there many things ago through your head before you have a kid. You think about all kinds of things that you do want to do, things you don’t want to do. I always use my dad as a frame of reference. It’s always funny to think that I wanted to do things differently from him and the reality has become that in so many ways I do what he does. But I also do a lot of of the same things that my mom did. Combine that with Holly’s influence and I think that my four little ones will hopefully look back and think they had a wonderful youth. But as I already said you do end up doing a lot of the same things that your parents did, even the things you didn’t like about your parents and their parenting style.

So, to all the fathers and mothers out there, I know it’s a wonderful experience. It can be very hard and very challenging. Having your heart walk outside your body is one of the scariest moments of your entire life, when they are mean it can hurt you more than anything else can. But when they gaze up at you with their loving eyes or they want to try to hold your hand when they cross the street. There’s nothing else quite like it. Even today, my four-year-old made a card for me, where I had to write’ I love you’ and then he wrapped it up and told me that this was going to be my surprise for tomorrow. But I wasn’t supposed to know about it. It’s those moments that make being a father the most awesome job in the world.

Photo: Linda House, Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation.

Being a better dad

Crash!!! The Lego play set hits the floor and explodes into a million pieces. DAD…brother is knocking things of the table! Can you tell him to stop it? That is how much of my day sounds. The kids are off destroying something again and not playing nicely with one another. This starts at 6 in the morning and doesn’t stop till they go to bed at 8 in the evening. Dad this dad that. But I have to say that I love it. There are mornings when I am dead tired and just want to go back to sleep but being with my kids is like nothing else.

In the morning I am greeted with a big smile from my daughter who gets super excited that I am going to pick her up and play with her. Then I walk into the living room and my kids are generally watching some kind of tv show that has super heroes in it. My kids know all about Superman, Green Lantern and other such heroes. They then greet me and want to hug up on me when I sit on the couch. After a little while of waking up, I go and make breakfast and have my kids help me with making it. Son 2 gets eggs all over his hands laughs about it. He tries to climb up to the sink to wash his hands. Finally they are begging for bacon and eggs to be served. They go sit at the table and play with their legos while they are eating their bacon and eggs. They tell me about latest adventure they are playing with their Lego people.

Who has ever heard the statement,”what is sticking out of my mouth? It’s my tongue.” It is really random the stuff that they say and it really will surprise you.

After eating breakfast we do all kinds of things from going to the mall, out for a walk, read books, go to the beach or the local water park. Each of these things is super exciting for them and they tell me all about how great it is. After playing like this they generally take a nap and after a couple of hours they get up again to go play and go outside.

What gets me is how excited they are to do all the things that they do. They  are just little sponges to new events and experiences. They learn new things all the time and they just do it so quickly. They have learned to walk and talk and inter act with you. It is an honor to be there with them during this entire experience. Some days you never want it to end. I look forward to being there in the future and see how they grow both physically and mentally into strong independent adults. I want to teach them all new skills from shooting guns, to hunting, to taking care of a car and just practical stuff around the house. This is what gives me great enjoyment and what drives me to be a better dad for them.Image