Episode 95. Classical education is very important

I am a huge fan of Classical education and believe that it is one of the greatest gifts that you can provide for your children. Here is my thoughts on this type of education.
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What jobs can kids do?

Kids are pretty capable of doing work. They may be smaller and have less skill it doesn’t mean they can do work and learn how to work. The 2 articles below discuss what kids could do in order to gain some money and learn some practical skills that can get them ahead in life. Not only can they earn some extra money, learn skills they can also gain a lot of self confidence.

The Best Advice Ever To A Teenage Daughter Who Needs To Make Money



Episode 19. Free College For All. Where Do I Get My Ideas?


In light of the recent elections I am addressing the issue of college and what we can do to fix it. In part two I discuss what libertarian podcasts I listen too.

By Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=13305512

Episode 9. What is open ended play?

Growing up I lived  in a neighborhood where I could play all day and run around the neighborhood. As I got older and moved to other neighborhoods this changed. I had lot of toys too  which were great and they were all meant to be used with your imagination. However there were one or two that were very limited in play and they would really frustrate me. It wasn’t until I got a lot older did I realize what the problem was them. It was non open ended play. In this episode I discuss what this is and why it is not good for your children.

episode 2. What is Fatherhood and depression

In this episode I discuss what is fatherhood and a talk about depression. It amazes me how many people experience depression or know someone who suffers from it. It is like this hidden secret that noone talks about and yet it is all around us. As for fatherhood, I discuss what it is to be a father and some of the ideals I hold when it comes to being one.

Jason Stapleton on Youtube


I recently discovered A wonderful new Youtube channel aka The Jason Stapleton Program. A libertarian who discusses politics, the economy and other world affairs in a very analytical manner. I highly recommend this if you are interested in learning about the world and not yelling at your radio.

This is the YOUTUBE link: https://www.youtube.com/user/jasonstapletonshow


How many libertarians are in your state?

800px-Vinland_Map_HiResDo you want to see where most libertarians are? See here

Image attribution: “Vinland Map HiRes” by Yale University Press – Yale University, from this website. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Vinland_Map_HiRes.jpg#/media/File:Vinland_Map_HiRes.jpg

Way to go in over simplifying things

After writing my last article on ” Human action isn’t always one or the other” (http://libertariandad.wordpress.com/2014/06/04/human-action-isnt-always-one-or-the-other/) it led me to think about how this concept was hard to put into words. It also made me think that the concept itself isn’t as easy to describe because it is easy to lock into a small portion of any kind of statement and try to criticize it or simplify the concept. Its sort of like the debate on vaccines, just because some one questions their efficacy doesn’t mean one is anti vaccinations. This also goes for all kinds of other issues. Questioning something doesn’t mean you are a denier or against it. Furthermore, many times things are way more complicated then how they appear.

I bring this up because so many times when I see statements or arguments I begin to think to myself, this subject is waaaay more complicated then that. Things like lets raise the minimum to 10.10. Well okay, that seems pretty straight forward right, but then you have to start asking questions like “How will this affect new workers?” “Why is there a need to raise the minimum wage?” “Can we end inflation?” I could go on forever, but these questions on any subject just aren’t really addressed. Also it gets worse when you read comments, “Impeach who is in the oval office” isn’t having discussion about the issues.

Maybe I am just stating the complete obvious when it comes to the discussions of things and I should just leave it at that. Maybe most people realize that most issues are not just a straight road, but instead is more like the entire road system in the US. I would like to hope so because that is much more like the world we live in, things are not very straight forward with all cars traveling in one direction. No instead there are cars driving all around us, going up exit ramps, stopping at stop lights and so on. It also means that people can have a wide variety of thoughts on a subject and that doesn’t mean that it is right or wrong….only one that is heading in a different direction.

Hold the banner high


Growing up I read a many books about knights, soldiers and other famous people and always admired many of them for their devotion to duty. But what does this mean today, what are your responsibilities? The most obvious one is be a good citizen. I have always been a bit perplexed by this one, cause I am not sure what it means. It assumes that one most likely shouldn’t start any quarels and not promote problems or at a minimum attempt to resolve them. How does this work in the context of knights and soldiers? Well to me, knights held honor above all else and would do whatever it takes to keep their honor. What does that entail one might ask? It’s actually rather straight forward.


The reason I say this is because in today’s society it is easy to have low standards for all things, you don’t have to be smart, you don’t have to work hard, you can be a slob, you can be a jerk and apparently that is okay. Just watch tv it is abhorent how many people act rather disgraceful on it and people laugh about it. My goodness, where do people get the guile to act this way?


I am here to tell you that it is okay to have high standards and expect others to have them too. It is okay to be smart and show your intellect. How else would one drag other people up if you don’t show what you are made off. Be involved with civic groups, go to church and be involved, help your neighbours with things, volunteer with activities, all of these things are good and should be encouraged. A former colleague wrote on my going away letter, “If not you then who?” To this day I hold that dear and would encourage people to have the same courage to do the same.

Human action isn’t always one or the other


Maybe being raised in two cultures has helped shape my view of the world and one of the biggest conclusions I have come to is that there is a lot of situations that are not black or white or one or the other. It’s not like a football game where you are either for one team or the other there is a lot of nuance out there. In many debates and discussions I have had people assume that if I am not for something that I must be against it. However what if there is a third way one where a person is ambivelant about something. A good example is cigarette smoking, I don’t smoke myself and don’t want others to smoke however I am not against smoking or smokers. (even though it does smell yucky) If you are an adult and want to enjoy a cigarette then you should be able too.


This extends into much of my outlook on the world even politics, I do vote however I don’t really view myself as being republican or democrat. There are elements that I agree with from both parties, however this makes it difficult to vote one or the other cause I would rather vote other. Maybe one day that will happen, we shall see. But as I was saying, this view extends into much of my life I believe I try to be educated and thorough about the decisions I make from day today. Whether I buy a truck or a minivan, whether to eat healthy or not healthy these aren’t wrong or right decisions they are just personnal choices that one has to make.


Now I know that some one would read this and go, well you are being wishy washy and not standing up for prinicipal. To which I would say that that is not true, there are absolutes in this world or else I wouldn’t be a Reformed Christian or a libertarian. These two world views shape my every day life and many of my personnal views, it also can be a reason why I do what I do. However to attempt to pigeon hole one person and have a black and white view of the world is doing yourself a disservice and can make debating with some one difficult.