Death Proof Turtles


This season of turtles has been great. There has been a lot of great episodes, ones that definitely point to the writers realizing that adults watch this show and they are adjusting the series to reflect. Every thing from great character development to doing a number of shout outs to great movies. The first homage was done to Napolean Dynamite a movie from the early 2000’s that became a cult classic. The episode was about a series of frogs who had been mutated, this was also a homage to the 90’s series, the main frog was named Napoleon Bonafrog. He talked just like the character Napolean Dynamite, in fact it was the same actor (Jon Heder). He makes references to the movie too and quotes some lines out of it. As a teenager in the early 2000’s I can definitely appreciate this.

napolean bonafrog

One of the other episodes of the 2014 Ninja Turtles, Season 3 episode 6 “Race with the Demon” and it was based on the movie “Death Proof. The reason I realized this is because I am a fan of Quentin Tarantino movies. Its maybe not as timeless as Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction but it does have all the hallmarks of Tarantinos greatness; great dialogue, some violence, great music and awesome characters. But it was pretty cool that they would base an episode on this obscure Tarantino movie. It leads me to an obvious conclusion that the new Turtles series is definitely written with parents in mind.

The new season also has a couple of other changes, one of the big ones being that Leonardos voice actor Jason Biggs is gone. Which is fine with me, however he has been replaced with Seth Green who has been in almost every movie you have ever heard off and produced Robot Chicken a great comedy series. This has led me to believe that the episodes are being influenced by him and that is why the series is being targeted more towards adults. Some of the episodes have gotten a bit darker such as the episode of the dream beavers and the race with the demon. My kids were a little bit scared because of it.


I hope the series continues the course it has been going and keeping up social and pop culture references. To me it is what separates some series from others and it is what has really made me like the new Turtles. Although I would like to see the series continue picking up with the Shredder and Kra’ang again. Speaking of which, the whole thing with having Kra’ang be a race has been great, but that is a discussion for another time. The Leo and Karai love story has been great too and I would like to see that continue. But time will tell where things are headed.

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Death Proof

Danny was the best runner in the world


Since Dannys youth had been groomed to be the best runner in the nation. He was faster and stronger then any other runner out there. He received multiple awards and his name was already famous at a very young age. In elementary school he would get up early and run 10 miles before school even began. This was the same for high school and college. He won just about every award that he possible could.

What was not to readily ever discussed though was that while he was an amazing runner he began using some steroids to run better in his early years of college. It was nothing big but just enough to give him even greater boosts. The records he set were amazing, but he wanted more and started pushing for even more sport enhancing liquids to push him higher and higher. He was running miles faster then most could even believe.

Then  one day in the last month of college he was running for his daily job when he collapsed on the ground grasping his chest. He had a minor heart attack and was advised by the doctors there to stop using sport enhancing drugs. However Danny didn’t listen to this, instead he got himself a prescription from a doctor for various over the counter drugs and pain medication. This is likely the reason why he made it to the Olympics and got gold.

During those Olympics he fell and badly damaged both his legs, he refused to stand down and instead took high doses of morphine, oxycodine and adrenaline to keep on running. After the Olympics he fell into a deep depression because the injuries that he had sustained  left him unable to run. Months went by and Danny was even more upset about what had happened and was looking for some way to become healed. He started drinking to ease his mind and slowly started feeling better. He started training again and it was during this time he met a man who offered to give him something that would push him further.

Danny never asked questions but started taking it and he was able to run faster then he had ever before. He kept on training and went on to win another Olympic games however he received silver. Like before, he went into a deep depression after winning the Olympic games. He started drinking even more heavy then before and in order to get himself training again he had to use multiple medicines, drinks and steroids. Danny went on to win the bronze at next Olympics however the years of drinking, medicines, steroids, crazy routines had left him permanently hurt and Danny was never able to fully get up again.

Danny spent the rest of his life barely able to walk and only recollecting the greatness that he had achieved.