Episode 88. Pokemon GO faults

I have been playing Pokemon Go for a while and definitely enjoy. However there are some faults with the game, such as not being able to battle other players outside of the gym or being able to trade. In this podcast I address some of these faults.

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Some Pokemon Go Tips.

Where have all the Pokemon players gone?

Pokemon the card game is good for math (and lots of other things)

2015-11-02 23.08.58In the last couple of months I have started playing Pokemon with my oldest son. Having a back ground in playing card games such as Magic the Gathering and Star Wars TCG, I always looked forward to the day I could play a card game with him. What I have discovered is that it is an amazing experience. He takes to the game like a fish to water and asks me almost every evening if we can play. (which I gladly oblige him). Further more, the game teaches all kinds of other skills that I don’t think my son even realizes he is learning.

First of it teaches math, since the game is based around 2 Pokemon fighting each other there is an attack each one has that does damage to the other one. These abilities have modifiers on them there for it forces them to calculate the amount of damage each ability does. He does these in his head. Furthermore, he also is planning long term strategy on what he must do to beat me. If this then this, you can see the movements and calculations racing in his brain. It also forces him to verbalize what he wants to do. You can’t just sit back and expect the other player to know what you are going to do. This is also because the game does require a certain amount of finesse and explicitness to define how much damage you are doing to another Pokemon or to avoid looking as though you are cheating.2015-11-02 23.10.10 (1)

Lastly, the biggest skill I see when playing is a sense of game man ship. He is learning how to fight without getting angry, he is learning to lose fair and square. The longer we play the more this comes to the fore. He is learning that losing is not the end of the world, that it is just part of playing a game. If he didn’t want to lose then he should not play. From a few months ago where he would cry or tear up at losing to holding his own and shaking my hand if he loses I think that this game is teaching him a lot of valuable lessons.

Candyland, please don’t play it


I love playing board games. Since I was little I played board games. I played memory, checkers, chess, Alaska, Magic the Gathering and so on and so forth. So, I figured I would do the same with my kids. We bought some of the typical kids games that are out there, such as memory, Candyland, checkers and so on. These games are awesome except for Candyland. It took me a long time to realize why Candyland is such a terrible game. It’s essentially a movie. You just sit back and watch the action unfold.

Here is the break down for Candyland. Everybody gets a little plastic gingerbread man and they move them across the board. The way that they are moved is by drawing a card with a color on it. You move your gingerbread man to the appropriate color, until you get to the candy castle. Then you win.What can stump you in this game is if you draw a card that has a piece of candy on it. This either means that you gotta move backwards or forwards to where the candy is. You could almost be at the end of the game and if you draw a cupcake, it would mean that you move to the very beginning of the game. Now this is kind of exciting and in a way it does add a chance of danger or whatever you want to call it to the game. But beyond that there is no strategy involved, there is no skill involved and in all fairness children are really not challenged by it.


I love board games but I don’t like playing Candyland. In fact, while I still own the game I never plan on playing it again. Instead there are so many other board games that you can get, that are way better and have much more skill involved. Games such as, Coconuts, Settlers of Catan Jr, Memory and even Pokemon. They also have many other qualities that are useful for developing child. Many of these games require skill and wont frustrate children when they feel like their way up ahead in the game and then get a card that drives him all the way back to the beginning. I recommend memory or Settlers of Catan Junior or almost any other game except Candyland.

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What board games do you play with your kids?