Episode 14. Investment Advice. Go To A Licensed Professional. How To Deal With Children Hitting Each Other.

Following a good discussion about bitcoin I have to clarify that it is very important to discuss any financial decisions with a certified financial planner. Also you need to diversify cause you never know what will gain or lose value. Lastly, my kid was bit by another kid and there are some valuable lessons I learned from this happening.

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Common Core is Fine With Me (However I will homeschool my kids)

Queensland_State_Archives_2854_Science_class_at_Nambour_State_Rural_School_1946In a recent conversation with a friend of mine who is against common core, I happen to say that common core was fine with me. This may shock many of you because many of you know my stance on public schools. But yes I am fine with common core. I have read a bit about it and have looked at what is required of children and much of it is different then how we have conducted education in the past but over all it is not that different from the way things have been. Children still learn all the basic educational requirements such as math, english and so on.

It is nicely set up so that the curriculum is country wide, there for where ever you go your kid will always have the same standards and last of all it produces the ability for all school districts to show how they compare with each other. All the things I have listed are all good things. It makes life pretty easy on teachers and hey they can even get unique books to fulfill their requirements. Sure the methodology isn’t always the best, but hey who ever said that all things have to stay the same.

Video: Common core opponent

The woman in this video seems to point something out about this new system that seems as though common core is some kind of system meant to take down children.What the video really points out and what so many parents are starting to realize is that the education system we have has turned into a one size fits all. Maybe back in the day people thought that each teacher could select their own curriculum and then inspire their students to rise above the fray. But this illusion has been shattered. Their little Suzy isn’t getting a specially crafted curriculum, no they are getting some arbitrary system thrown at them. This is why so many have been rudely awaken and they don’t know what to do about it.

To me this is what real public education is. It is nothing but a factory worker, soldier model meant to crank out people who don’t think (too much) who react to a bell and shuffle about quickly to their class rooms and never ever question anything they are taught. It is how we were taught and our parents before. It is a complete failure of imagination that we can put our kids in a 9-5 education where they learn very little for them to be able to get a job. We don’t need more academics, factory workers or soldiers. So for that reason I am fine with this education system cause it shows the real nature of our modern education system. As for me, I will home school mine.

read more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Core_State_Standards_Initiative

Why we homeschool

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Your children will love home schooling (episode 2)

When you have children there are many questions that you will be faced with. Some of them are, how do we pay for this? What was I thinking? Will he grow up to be a criminal? And the list goes on. Well one of the most important issues is going to be what kind of education will this child receive? There are a number of options out there, Public school, private school and home school. Each one of these has multiple subcategories that need to be explored. With the public school question you have to look at the area you live in and how good they are, not all public schools are the same which definitely goes for private schools too. The third option is homeschooling which is the direction that my wife and I are heading.

Why homeschooling you ask? My wife and I were both homeschooled (I also went to public and private school) which opened us to doing it for our children. My job requires me to move every so many years and I need my children’s education to remain stream lined. It is not very expensive to teach your children yourself. Studies show that homeschooled children do a better job then public schooled children and also fare better in college too. Homeschooled children play more sports and do more extra curricular activities then traditionally schooled children, this is according to HSLDA.

While every one has to make a decision about their children’s education, looking into homeschooling is a very wise move. I know that many people will throw out the old “But your child will not be socialized”. Well I am not sure what this question means. Since most children will be just like you and you are probably not a hermit then I think you have little to fear. Furthermore there have been many studies that show that homeschooled children are in fact very well adjusted. (Source) My wife is a really god example, she was homeschooled her entire life and no one would ever guess she was.

There are plusses and minuses to all forms of education and there isn’t a wrong or right way to go about it. But this the direction that my wife and I are headed.

Which direction are you headed?