What would education look like without public school?

Its hard to imagine the modern world without yellow school buses and large public schools. However at a time not that long ago this didn’t exist. So in its absence what would education look like?
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Classical education is the best choice for your kid

Having grown up and gone to various school systems I have done extensive studies into what is the best education for my kids. I have come to the conclusion that this is the best and this is why.
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Why My College Degree Is Meaningless: Years in the Education System Has Soiled My Learning (Huffington Post)

Sin_diplomaIf the Huffington Post is starting to go after higher education i am assuming there must be a big problem. I agree with most of what this lady says. She is very right when it comes to the core problem, the standardized testing. (Although personnally i would love to see all education left up to parents. But that is a discussion for another day.) This article is definitely worth checking out. Particularly the conclusions she draws for solutions.. why most college degrees…

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How Private Schools Are Educating the Poor (Tom Woods Show)

This is a video on how the poor are getting educated around and how their schools are comparable to publicly funded. The guest is a man who like most of us started never doubting that public education was the only way to get people educated until he started looking at schools around the world. It has changed his mind. This is for any one who has ever wondered how people would get educated if it wasn’t publicly funded or any one else who has been to school.

Url: http://youtu.be/_clbaCG7eWc?list=UUsgWR55UyAiFarZYl1u1l9Q