A response to John Oliver’s segment on public schools

John Oliver did a good segment on public schools, however it doesn’t address a fundamental underlying issue and that is that public schools should be ended. Make parents be responsible for their own kids education and increase competition, it would guarantee you’d see a change in US education.

Listen to “Episode 96. John Oliver And Public Schools” on Spreaker.

Recraigslist.com: Why We Home School Our Kids (Guest Post)

Recraigslist.com: Why We Home School Our Kids (Guest Post)

If you bumped into me on the street, you probably wouldn’t assume I had any kids. Not only do I have kids, I now have five kids, and we are home schooling each and every one of them. I wasn’t home schooled myself, and I came from a family where my father was a dentist and my mother was a public school teacher. My sister and brother-in law are teachers as well. And yet here I am, one of the biggest home school advocates there is. In this post I will share with you why.

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