Episode 91. Children and private property.

This is a central issue to Libertarianism, when something belongs to someone then that property has to be taken care off and if harmed then there is a victim. But if no one one owns something then there isn’t really a reason to take care of it or to have a victim if the property is harmed. If the oceans were owned by someone then they would be taken better are off. This also applies to parenting where I give my kids certain special toys that are theirs and they can make an automatic claim on if another kid is playing with them. This will teach them about the importance of taking care of their own stuff and respecting each others private property.

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The MISES Institutes does a phenomenal article on private property and how important it is. Private Property Is the Essence of Liberty – Ron Paul


750px-Flag_of_Oregon.svgI am very sorry to hear about the children that we murdered and I pray for the families and individuals that are affected. I also hope it is a reminder that you need to be ready to meet your maker every day.

In thinking about this shooting, I wonder how much of this shooting comes down to parenting and monitoring your kids. Sure the shooter was 26 so for all intents and purposes he was an adult but apparently there were more issues there. You have to have some idea as a parent that your kid is going of the deep end when he is using Nazi names as a handle on line and is into Satanic imagery. Its up to parents to raise your kids well and if they are a danger to society then you need to step up.

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Yes, Your Kids Will Be You When They Grow Up

Yes your kids will be just like you imageIn a recent parenting article I read there was a shocking statement that children turn out to be just like they are parents. What a shock, right? But if you think about it, isn’t it the truth? How many of you are just like your parents. Not just personality wise, but career, income, hobbies, likes and dislikes and so on?

Sometimes when I’m dealing with my kids, I think to myself,’ My goodness it might just like my dad,’ or,’ That is something my dad would say.’ In fact I am sure most of our parents thought the same thing. Sure, we want things to be different. But, we return to what we know and what is comfortable.

This is why I say that yes your child will be a criminal, if you are a criminal. Your child will be a writer, if you are a writer and it goes on and on and on. It’s not something to worry about, because you turned out just fine. Even with your parents being who they are.

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Let girls be girls and boys be boys

People say that gender is a societal construct and I’m sure there is some truth to that. However as a father of four children, two boys and two girls I can attest that feminine and masculine traits were there from the start. Time and time again each one shows which gender they are. This is even the case with number three who is a girl and is heavily influenced by the older two which are boys.

Maggie with water gun.
Maggie with water gun.

It’s not that my kids are hyper- masculine or hyper- feminine. In fact I am not a parent who really pushes my kids into one or the other type of role. This doesn’t mean I push androgyny either, I let nature take its course. Which is rather amazing as my kids would never be confused for being the opposite gender.

My oldest loves adventure, guns, robots, rocket ships and talking about getting a job as a rocket pilot. My second son is a wild child he loves to fight, run around with bare feet, build forts, climb trees, shoot guns (play ones), and told me he wants to join the Army. Lastly my third kid who is a girl is a total girly girl, she likes to talk, My Little Pony, the color pink, dresses, makeup, beautiful women and I could go on and on. Even from when they were young, I’ve done very little to encourage these types of behaviors.

Yes, this information is anecdotal and I’m sure there are parents with different experiences. However as a pretty normal family, I cannot imagine most parents having a different experience. That is why I would advise parents to let their kids develop on their own pace and not worry too much about whether their kids are masculine or feminine. Each kid is unique and will become their own beautiful self.

Sometimes you have to explain why

Question_in_a_question_in_a_question_in_a_questionSome times you really need to explain why things are the way they are. As a parent you are going to impart your point of view to your kid on just about every thing. Everything from the food they will like to what kind of cars they will drive. So whether you are cognizant of this or not, how you approach politics will forever shape their world view. To me the key is to have your child be critical in their thinking of the world. You (as a person) seem like an intelligent person who questioned the status quo. There for it is very likely that you will pass that on to your kids.

Also discussing issues and being open about them will help them figure things out. The amazing thing about children is that they are very consistent in their view of the world. They don’t play the mental gymnastics that adults do. I have been challenged a number of times by my 6 year old on why things are the way they are. He asked me about why someone would burn down a house, cause according to him that was wrong. He also asked me why men can’t marry men. It really makes you think about these things and have to boil them down to concepts that they can follow.

As I said earlier, you don’t really teach them that much. They follow what you say and they will take on your world view largely by osmosis. But don’t take that for granted because if your world outlook doesn’t make sense and with all of the information around them they may reject what you say. They also have friends and will encounter the world and they will challenge their views and perceptions. This is where your strong parenting and being open will hopefully pay off and they will be critical of what information they accept and not accept.

Your kids wont turn out the way you think they will (guest post)

This article is written by a guest who will remain anonymous.

Here’s an eye opener for many middle aged people…your kids won’t turn out the way you think they will. They may turn out better or worse than you imagine. They may or may not own your values. This doesn’t make them a bad investment. It DOES make them like any other investment with exception that they have souls. There are risks to investing in having children. The difference between kids and financial investments is that when your kids fail to meet your expectations, hopes, dreams whatever it hurts a whole lot worse then when your financial investments let you down. Of course when they exceed the highs are higher too.

 I can’t tell you the painful stab to my heart at having my daughter wake up one day and say with all her angry heart, “I am an atheist. You all have been lying to me my whole life!” Then find out later she’s mentally ill. Then to trudge the slow path of healing without guarantee she will ever reach healthy self sufficiency, wow I never saw it coming. What did I do wrong? She’s has been so full of promise. Everyone has just loved her. I’ve been praised for good parenting by others who have known her. What the heck is happening? How could I have been a better parent to her?

  If I had known this from the beginning would I have had children? Then the more mundane trials come and the same questions enter in. The answer is always, “There’s no guarantee.” Wow. That’s not what I was told by all those people who said if I parented the right way and did it well my kids would become ____. Now fill in the blank with a litany of good things such as “godly”, “responsible”, “respectful”, “productive,” “self-less”.

 If someone suggests you can guarantee good outcomes with good parenting, don’t buy it. It’s not true. Some people will send their kids to public schools with keys around their necks (latch keys), allow them to self feed on hot pockets and have sex. Those same kids may go to ivy league schools and live fairly upright looking lives, maybe even truly upright lives. Some people will love their kids with great intention through every aspect of every day and those kids will leave the faith, resent their “helicopter” parents and rebelliously adopt a totally different culture of life. Ah, you know it happens. And you may think, “Well, those parents screwed up in such and such way.” We all screw up in many ways every day just by being human.

 How our children respond to our unique failings is unpredictable. Psalm 73 says it all. Our comfort, peace, security blessing etc all comes from one source. Invest in Him. Invest your children in Him. They belong to Him and we are blessed to be stewards. When they go astray…if…we can still say to the Lord, I am a sinner and you know it; I tried to be like the good servant and invest well. Here I stand claiming the name of Jesus. I love you Lord. You are my peace. My rock. The source of all blessings. Amen. My son belongs to Jesus even if my Daughter’s theology is never correct…god forbid…even if it is God’s will that my daughter not be a child of God…my son is the Lord’s. I must rest in Jesus. Very easy to say. Very hard to do.

 Dear reader, may the Lord give you strength for each day to rest in Him and to keep giving your children to Him and to always trust that He is always good, no matter what. And I pray the Lord will multiply your investments in your children in good ways beyond what you can imagine.