What Zombucks have been released so far?

zombucks-walker-reverse_1 The provident metals company has released a wonderful set of 7 silver coins over the last 2 years. They are known as the ZOMBUCKS collections. AKA the currency of the Zombie apocalypse. Its essentially a Zombie take on existing coins out there. The coins come in both silver and copper and also in a metal key hanger. So if you don’t want to shovel over 20 bucks  you can always get a slightly cheaper one. I have bought 2 of the set so far and thought about getting the other ones, however they are all sold out. Now I am waiting on the next one to come out. It looks as though April 2015 is when the next is going to come out.

Here is a run down of the coins and their corresponding coin.

1 The Barber


2. The Barber half dollar


3. Zombucks Murk Diem


4. Mercury Dime


5. Zombucks Feast


6.Peace Silver dollar


7.Zombucks Walker


8. Silver Eagle/Walking liberty


9. Silver Buffalo dime


10. The American Zombuff


11. Morgue Anne


12. The Famous silver Morgan




14. The Standing liberty


There you have it. All the ZOMBUCKS coins for the last 2 years. I will update once I find out what the new ones are.

Zombucks: Starving Liberty

starving liberty

For the last 2 years the precious metals dealership Provident metals has been producing these very awesome looking coins. They are called the Zombucks series and they play of of the whole zombie craze. The coin is based on an actual coin in circulation and it is modified with a zombie theme. A couple of weeks ago they introduced the latest one named Starving Liberty and it is based on the original Walking Liberty. The coins look phenomenal and come in gold, silver and copper. So if you decide you want to buy one you don’t have to go all in to buy the gold or silver one. So far I have bought all the ones that have been released, albeit in copper.

Read about all the coins released so far: https://libertariandad.wordpress.com/2015/03/30/what-zombucks-have-been-released-so-far/

Provident Metals Zombucks: http://www.providentmetals.com/zombucks-starving-liberty-silver-round.html